Here is a collection of my all-time favourite workouts. These are effective, super-sweaty routines that will make you feel GOOD (afterwards). I’ve tried to divide them up by strength & conditioning (further by body part), cardio, at-home workouts and then stretch/Pilates/yoga. The workouts are in order of time, from least time consuming to the most. Enjoy!

Strength & Conditioning


Fast Abs – 8 Minute Abs Workout ~8 minutes

Fresh Flat Belly Moves (Women’s Health) – 15 minutes

Beach Ready Arms + Abs15 minutes

-(Mostly) Abs Routine~20 minutes

Abs Burner~35 minutes

The Best At-Home Abs Exercises – from Women’s Health – ~40 minutes


Armed for Summer ~25 minutes *circuit-style arm + shoulder workout


12-minute, do-anywhere power circuit workout

Cross Fit-Inspired Workout~15 minutes *INTENSE & varying circuit workouts using basic exercises that

Jack Up Your Routine~20 minutes  *heart-pumping workout focused on cardio endurance & toning the butt, legs and abs

Full-Body Fat Blaster~25 minutes

The Wobbly Workout~25 minutes

Total Body Circuit Workout~30 minutes 

Full-Body Blaster #2 – ~35 minutes

-Abs + Arms Workout – ~40 minutes

Total Body Workout – ~40 minutes

Beach Body Workout – ~60 minutes *circuit-style weight training incorporating all muscle groups

Burn More Fat in Less Time – ~60 minutes *circuit-style and INTENSE


Resistance elliptical workout (from Julie @ PBFingers)20 minutes

5k (3.1 mi) HIIT (high impact interval training) elliptical training: 5 minute warm-up, then 1 min. all-out speed with 2 min. recovery. Repeat until you reach 5k (3.1 mi). – ~25 minutes

5k incline interval elliptical workout – ~25 minutes

ToneItUp! “Wind Engine Rever” (on cardio machine of your choice): 5-minute warm up. 2 minutes @ level 7, then 2 minutes @ level 4. repeat the intervals for a total of 10x. 5-minute cool down. ~50 minutes

At-Home Workouts

Kelli’s Cardio Kickboxing11 minutes

Kickboxing Cardio Workout26 minutes


Pilates Abs + Core 10 minutes

POP Pilates: Your Royal Hotness Workout10 minutes

POP Pilates: Miley Cyrus Abs Workout 12 minutes

POP Pilates: Beginner (not really) Inner Thighs – 12 minutes

Pilates Abs Workout15 minutes

Stretch It Out 18 minutes

Beginners Leg Strength Yoga – 21 minutes

Fit for Duty: Pilates Glutes + Abs 27 minutes

Bend & Stretch – 34 minutes


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