running recovery (+ the beginning of hibernation)

Happy Monday, everyone! How was the weekend?

Mine was really nice and relaxing, I must say. I feel like I’m settling into fall and preparing myself for the months of hibernation ahead (slightly depressing, but I also kind of having a soft spot for lazy nights in involving wine, delicious snacks, good movies + my favourite blankets {and people}).


Friday night, Kerry came over for a night of girly catch-up times, which was oh-so-needed and fun! Saturday my mama came in to visit me and we went out for brunch at a deeeeellliccccious spot in The Village called Lola’s Kitchen. Huevos rancheros for me (side story: I secretly had no clue how to spell huevos rancheros so I just did a quick Google and can confirm that my spelling is correct. ha!), eggs benny for mama, and $5 mimosas for both of us! Score!

mimosas IMG_1860

After some shopping around and after mama left, I somehow gathered the energy and mental capacity to run 16k. I must admit, I was kind of impressed with myself for being able to do this after having a mimosa. Since the weather was oh-so-crappy, I actually had to run indoors on the treadmill. Oh well, I got to watch some good ol’ Titanic while running. MAN, that movie is sad. I haven’t seen it since it first came out over a DECADE ago and I definitely have more appreciation for how awful that whole event was. I really feel for Rose 😦 I was actually getting kind of choked up while watching it, which, trust me, is NOT good when you’re trying to survive a 16k run. Oh, by the way, I am training for a half-marathon… I didn’t just randomly decide to run 16k for fun 😉

My hamstrings have been KILLING me all day. I have a feeling my recovery after that run will not be so easy and will take time. So, what’s a girl to do? Do some foam rolling and stretches of course!

this is how i roll

I do make an effort to always foam roll and do about 15 minutes of stretching following every long run (10k+), but sometimes even that isn’t enough to tame the monster that is my hamstrings! Sometimes my legs are still angry the next day and need some more TLC.

For those who are interested in learning more about foam rolling and all its benefits in the way of loosening tight muscles and releasing tension, check out this great infographic from Greatist (click photo for link). Obligatory warning: I would be lying if I claimed that foam rolling was all sunshine and lollipops, so just know that it can be a slightly painful experience:

Last night I gave my gams a good stretch with an amazing video from doyogawithme. The “Deep Release for Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back” was exactly what I needed. I can’t remember if I have mentioned on the blog or not, but I am obsessed with this website. It is absolutely incredible! It’s a free, online yoga website that streams high-quality, high-def, full-length yoga classes. There are about 50 classes currently available, but I believe they are always adding to it. You can look through the website and sort the videos by length, difficulty level, teacher, style, etc. It’s such a great way to add some yoga practice into your life! And even if you only have 20 minutes, you can get in a full class and feel like you’ve accomplished something. Oh, P.S., I’m not being paid to endorse Do Yoga With Me.. I just genuinely love it (and you should too!).  I’ve been adding yoga and stretching into my workout routine to provide more balance and I’ve been really happy with it so far. It seems to really round out the running and strength training and allow me some time to work on balance, flexibility, breathing and other aspects of “fitness” that I didn’t usually incorporate for fear of it not really getting me ahead, per se, in my fitness goals. I must say that I think it does quite the opposite; doing yoga on a regular basis helps my muscles heal faster after a tough workout and gives me time to improve my fitness in other ways.

OK, enough ranting from me.. go forth and enjoy your Monday! It’s going to be a busy week over here, people!


A xo


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