easy like sunday morning

I am in love with this weekend. Let’s start with the fact that it’s a four-day weekend, which is always welcome in my books. Also, I have virtually no plans, except to catch up on a few things (including this blog!) and spend some quality time with the bf, whom I haven’t been seeing quite enough of lately! There’s nothing I love more than the feeling of waking up on a weekend morning (to no alarm, of course), having a relaxed start to the day with my boo and having a whole day (and night!) of possibility ahead.

On mornings like this, there is simply nothing better than making a luxurious breakfast (which, for me, means anything more than a quick smoothie), taking time to sip a yummy tea and catch up on the news, favourite blogs, etc. Check out my “fancy” breakfast scramble of eggs, orange pepper, spinach + salsa. I was pretty impressed with myself, not gonna lie. Eggs only make their way into my breakfast repertoire on special weekends, maybe one a month..?


In a way, it’s kind of ironic that I’m ending the last weekend of summer (sorry, I know I shouldn’t remind you) with little planned out. The whole summer has been jam-packed of activity, which is the main reason I’ve been neglecting my little corner of the blog world! The summer has been an incredible one and has left me with a ton of happy memories to get me through the cold weather months. There was a road trip around New England, lazy days by the pool, wedding-related activities, birthday parties, anniversaries, a 10k race, a few cottage weekends, and one of the best weekends of my life: a girls getaway in Montreal for Osheaga. It went incredibly fast and of course, it never seems fair that the best season is so short! I think with each passing year the summers seem to go by faster and faster (sighhhh). I guess it means a good time was had, right?!

DSC01113 DSC01101    DSC01129DSC01184DSC01202DSC01277 DSC01432 DSC01459

DSC01350 DSC01387 DSC01483 DSC01500 DSC01521 DSC01518

And there’s a ton to look forward to this fall. Above it being my second-favourite season (pumpkin-flavoured everything! crispy leaves! leather boots!), I’m excited to start volunteering again. I’ve been looking for a volunteer opportunity that would be meaningful to me for the past year or so and just hit the jackpot! I’ll be volunteering at a children’s hospital once a week and will be going around to the patient rooms in my wing to interact with all the kids, making sure they’re comfortable, play games with them, etc. Since grade nine, I have loved volunteering and had always actively volunteered in some capacity, but unfortunately hadn’t been doing it for the past few years as I was focused on my career while also completing a certificate program part-time at Ryerson. I really felt like something was missing in the process, so I’m really pumped to be starting it up again! On top of volunteering, I may also be joining a dodgeball league with some friends. Despite having a deep-seated fear of dodgeball (in middle school, I used to purposely “get out” so I could chill in the sidelines), I think it’ll be a good time 😉

Also, D and I have been watching Breaking Bad and are now officially hooked. We’ve just finished the season two DVD (AHHH what an intense ending) and will be starting the third DVD in t-minus a few hours I’m sure.

As for now, the boy and I are just relaxing at a coffee shop (a new favourite, I think!) and are going out to the movies tonight. A little World War Z is in order! Enjoy the rest of your {last} weekend of summer!


A xo

PS – what were your favourite memories of the summer? What are you looking forward to this fall?


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