party in the city where the heat is on

… all night on the beach to the break of dawn. I’m going to Miami.. Welcome to Miami.

Nothing like a little vintage Will Smith in your life to jazz things up! Though I’ve been back from Miami for about two weeks, I realized that I have yet to give you an update! Let me tell you first that from the time I landed to about yesterday, it was non-stop madness and I didn’t even have time to tackle my sand and beach-laced dirty clothing pile, let alone hop on the computer for my favourite past time (the blog, duh!). It just so happens to be a very busy (and exciting!) time at work right now, so right after rolling into the office after vacay I had about six events to attend/work. This called for some very late nights/technically mornings when it went into “AM” territory, but now things are slightly more under control and I was able to do some laundry, re-group and now get on here to spend time with you lovely folks!

So, as I sip on my banana-pb-chocolate smoothie and wait for my nails to dry (new colour. very excited about it), I’ll re-cap the wonderful long weekend that has since been named The Wolfpack/Tornado Did Miami

My mom and I booked this trip with our very closest family friends, whom I’ve known since I was about 16 months old. They used to live right next door to us, but have moved throughout the years and we’ve managed to keep in touch! They are pretty much our family and we spend virtually every holiday together. Needless to say, we always have a lot of fun together 🙂

We left on the 2:45 PM flight out of Toronto to Miami on Friday, May 24. Of course, prior to departure, a glass two {large} glasses of wine were required to get me onto the flight (read: intense flying anxiety). Wine always does the trick though, I’m telling ya! 😉


Don’t worry, my wine isn’t an awful orangey-red colour 😉 that chalice you are seeing would be Meg’s Bloody Mary (or Caesar? I can’t remember).

So, I survived the flight (PHEW! Always a big relief). Touching down in Miami was beautiful, particularly the views of Miami Beach!


On the cab ride from the airport to our hotel in South Beach, I loved looking at all the art deco buildings. My favourite element was the pastel colours against the palm trees! It honestly felt like I was out of North America and into the Caribbean!

The best surprise was upon checking in, we realized we had been upgraded (thanks to Alison’s lovely boss) and we were able to have access to the Club Level. SCHHHWINNNGG! This meant unlimited food + drinks (yes, even alcoholic) for us. Big win! And probably the best way to start off a vacation EVER. I love free ANYTHING, let alone three days of unlimited wine + delicious food. What a dream.

On our first night out, we headed to YUCA, an authentic Cuban restaurant. This was a very fitting choice, given the strong Cuban influence in the area. I was most excited to try the “best mojitos in Miami”.. and they didn’t disappoint (though technically I didn’t have any other mojitos for the remainder of the weekend so I can’t verify that bold claim).


Day 2

Our first FULL day in Miami we started bright and early (waking up at 7 AM on vacation was not my choosing, believe me). After grabbing a free breakfast in the lounge (SCORE!), we did a bit of wandering and shopping. Check out how gorgeous this All Saints store is? I love the old sewing machines.


After browsing items that I could not afford, we went on a food tour through Miami Food Tours! We did the SoBe Tour De Forks, which was led by the founder of the company, Kelly. Kelly was an awesome guide and led us around the city with stops at six unique eateries. She made sure to stop along the way to point out interest architectural or cultural landmarks and was very knowledgeable about the history of Miami and, of course, about all the wonderful food we tried! What I loved most about the tour was that it was a little bit of everything – we covered about 2 miles (= a little bit of exercise), learned tons about the city, and got to sample some truly interesting dishes from restaurants that we probably would have never stopped in. Kelly really tries to stray FAR from the “tourist trap” restaurants on Ocean Drive and stuck with the local picks.





The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the beautiful sun at the pool! How incredible is that view?? Take me back now!




After probably a little bit TOO much sun and heat, it was back to the club lounge for more free wine + mini appetizers. This began the night which would later give the five of us the “tornado” nickname. Without getting into details, I’ll just say that the we had quite a fun/wild night out that I will remember for the rest of my days hahah!


We went to the Delano hotel for dinner, which was by far the COOLEST place I’ve ever seen. I would love to go back there someday, preferably during the day, to admire its amazing-ness. After dinner we headed to the Fontainebleau for a few more cocktails before calling it a night!



Day 3

After a bit of a slower wake up, we got ready and headed out for our boat tour. Luckily the weather was on our side & we had a beautiful day of sunshine for viewing all the insane homes around the Miami area. Gotta say, my favourite part of the tour was going around Star Island to see all the glamorous mansions belonging to celebrities. The island has so much history and has been inhabited by some pretty famous peeps, including Elizabeth Taylor, Edie Piaf, Sylvester Stallone and P.Diddy (hahahha does he even fit in the same category?!)


After a relaxing day and a few walks on the beach, we headed out for the last supper at Escaopozzo, an organic Italian restaurant. It was a very (comparatively) tame evening that ended with us in bed before 11 PM!



Day 4

On our last morning in Miami, we woke up early and went for a long watch on the beach (funny, even just saying “long watch on the beach” makes me feel cheesy). It was really nice, relaxing bonding time with my mama and I loved every moment of it 🙂 It was nice to get some exercise before the flight (we ended up walking around 6 km) and also soak in every last ounce of sunshine before heading back to chilly Toronto!


As you can probably see from my pictures, our weekend in South Beach was an absolute blast. South Beach is such a vibrant, beautiful place that I’m definitely hoping to return to at some point down the road. It was so nice to get away with my mom and the girls and just enjoy some lady time 🙂 It was an amazing trip that I’ll never forget!


Anddddd this post is already out-of-control long, so I probably shouldn’t continue any further hahah. We still have lots to catch up on, so I’ll be back soon with more, including my Summer Want-To-Do list! I hope your June is off to a great start!


A xo


Have you ever been to Miami? If so, what were your favourite things?

Have you been away on a girls trip before? Where? This wolfpack needs suggestions for our next adventure!


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