sick {not the good kind}

Well, the weekend started out on a fabulous note. Friday night was spent celebrating the start of the long weekend at Friday Night Lights at the ROM, which is basically a party inside a museum. Think ‘Night at the Museum’ a la Ben Stiler, but slightly more cool. After a few hours of drinks + roaming some exhibits, we headed to the Museum Tavern for some cocktails!

Saturday, I woke up with a sore throat, but thought that it was one of those “pre sick” sore throats that never actually turn into anything. Ooooh man, I couldn’t be more wrong. I went over to Duncan’s investment unit and helped the guys paint, along with some other lovely ladies. We worked all day and sported some pretty sweet outfits involving baggy sweats and tees and sassy painting hats 😉

Check out that sexy Benjamin Moore hat. The best part was how flat and stiff the “beak” part was. It was almost a shelf. I felt like Mario/Luigi in Mario Kart.

After a few hours of inhaling fumes, Duncan and I went to a TFC game. I started feeling continuously more sick, so when we came home around 9 PM, I crashed on the couch and made kindly asked my sweet sweet boyfriend to go get my some NyQuill (lifesaver) and popsicles.

.. and that’s where the excitement of this sunny, long weekend ENDS. The rest was spent sipping tea, making an insane amount of green smoothies, eating a box of popsicles, sleeping for 12+ hours at a time, and attempting to keep my eyes open long enough to read some books. It was one of those cold/flu combos that hits HARD and FAST. My whole body ached and I had those charming fever/chill combos. YUM. Also.. whooooo gets sick just as soon as the weather is turning amazing? This girl, apparently 😦 Not happy about this!

I attempted to do some form of physical movement over the weekend by doing a “yoga for immunity” video. It was actually really great and helped my sore bones/muscles. I recommend it for any time you’re feeling less than stellar and want to get a good stretch in.

I sincerely hope your weekend was a little more exciting than mine 😉 What did you get up to?

PS – have you heard of Gizoogle? It’s basically a search function that terms websites into gangstah-speak. It’s quite amusing, IMO:

Here’s what Gizoogle had to say about Sweat for Sweets.. I mean.. Sweat fo’ Dopes. I think my favourite part is the ‘Welcome biaaaatch’ on the sidebar.


For my Canadian friends, I hope you enjoyed the first long weekend of summer and have a great start to your SHORT work week tomorrow! And for my American and international readers, your Monday is now officially over and the weekend is getting closer!


A xo

PPS – Miami in 4 days! WOOHOO!


3 thoughts on “sick {not the good kind}

  1. The Friday Night Lights concept is such a great idea (and nice change from the just going to a bar)! I lived in Calgary before moving overseas and they have a similar sort of thing at the science centre each month!
    Hope you’re having a blast in Miami!

  2. That museum event looks amazing! And I loved the Mario hat…super stylin’ biatch (as gizoogle would say!)

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