sunshine, smiles + sneezes

Everyone loves a good alliteration, right? Heheh.

Yes, my title today is cheesy. But it’s absolutely the best way to describe my life this weekend.


The weather in in Toronto has been absolutely PERFECT. In fact, I’m writing this post as quickly as possible so that I can get back outside to soak up some sun! It seems that we went straight from winter to summer, which, hey, is alright. I was cursing MOTHER N (Mother Nature, duh) all throughout April, but am now seeing that she did have something up her sleeve 😉 celebrate this amazing weather, it only seemed natural to eat a humungous fro-yo on Friday afternoon. Nothing beats the tart fro-yo from Freshii!



I’ve got tons of reasons to smile, and the sun definitely does play a part in that! I swear, if I lived in California or anywhere that had sun and warmth practically all year round, I would be the happiest person ever. I’m already a bubbly person, but I think I would be over-the-top if I had sufficient vitamin D levels all year round.

Anyway, this weekend has been full of fabulousness. Thursday night I went out for dinner + a “night out” at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) with some of my university girlfriends. Duncan and I caught up with some friends of ours on Friday over some adult beverages, which was a lovely time. I hadn’t seen them since the end of last summer, so it was really amazing (& necessary) to catch up!



Yesterday, Kerry came over to bake some cookies with me to then bring over to our boys who were working hard ALL day on a home reno. I’m usually a complete disaster in the baking arena, so I was amazed when our oatmeal chocolate chip cookies actually turned out. It must have been Kerry’s magic. Oh and I think my new + adorable apron from Urban Outfitters had something to do with it too 😉 Just to be good soccer moms, Kerry and I also sliced up some orange peels for good measure. When we went over to see the guys, they were dirty, tired and very thankful for the sustenance 🙂

NOTE: the chocolate chip smears on our teeth were not intentional. We are natural pirates 🙂 So pretty, right?




Today I’ve been doing some errands around the house, walking outside a bit and doing some groceries. As I was going through the grocery store, I was SO happy because almost everything I picked up screamed summer to me (burgers! mango! limes! berries! spinach!). Yes, I’m a food nerd and I know it.


Today is an official REST DAY because my hamstrings are screaming in agony after all the one-legged deadlifts I did yesterday. I actually followed this BIKINI BODY TONE UP FOR SUMMER workout from Canadian Living, which I find quite humorous because I have this misconception that the workouts in CL are usually less intense than ones from Women’s Heath or other fitness magazines, but clearly I’m paying for that now 😉

Tonight I’m going to a concert with D, my old roommate from university and her boyfriend. A concert on a school night?! I know, pretty wild. We’re hoping to sneak in some tacos and margaritas before hand in honour of Cinco De Mayo!


Okay, now on to the not-so-fun part. I’ve been DYING this week from seasonal allergies. Like, for real. I can’t remember the last time it’s been this bad. Is anyone else out there suffering? Anyone? Anyone?

Even though I’m routinely taking anti-histamines, I still feel like I’m constantly going to sneeze (the looking-into-light trick doesn’t work for me :(), my eyes are red and watery and I-want-to-rip-them-out-because-they’re-so-itchy, I’m exhausted and have the worst headache, and I’m literally sneezing approximately every 7 minutes.

Does anyone know of additional seasonal allergy remedies?

Some tips + tricks I’ve heard are:

-shower + wash hair at the end of the day so that pollen doesn’t transfer onto bed sheets or pillow cases

-if exercising outside, do some in the early morning or evening (not mid-day)

I also know to avoid the foods that are cross-contaminated with the pollens I’m allergic to (mainly birch), which is associated with Oral Allergy Syndrome. Unfortunately for me, birch pollen is loving this weather:


Any tips you have would be welcome by me :)… or if you’re suffering, we can commiserate together!

And now.. I’m off to enjoy the sunshine + read some magazines outside! Have a beautiful rest of your Sunday, and..


A xo

PS- Are you planning on celebrating Cinco De Mayo? If so, how will you celebrate it?


9 thoughts on “sunshine, smiles + sneezes

  1. I too am suffering from allergies right now, so I feel your pain. One thing I’ve been doing a few years now for the stuffiness is to flush out my sinuses. Shopper’s sells kits with a bottle or kettle-type thing and some packets of salt formula (never use plain water because the salinity imbalance will make it hurt like a bitch) and then it’s basically just shooting water up one nostril and letting it drain out the other, blow your nose and do the other side.

    I realize this sounds pretty unpleasant and it does take a while to get used to but I swear by it now and do it probably once a day now that it’s peak allergen season. In fact, I just got back from a run and did it right after my shower 🙂 feels great!

      • Yes that is the name I couldn’t think of! The one I use is called something else but it lives in Shoppers and is like $20 for a year’s supply. It is kinda freaky at first, mostly because your sinuses are actually a pretty big cavity and you’re sitting there thinking “where is all this water going and why isn’t it coming out”.

        Still an advocate though, it definitely helps once you get used to it. Sometimes on those days when allergies just make you so mad at life you just gotta go angrily shove some water up your nose.

  2. My boyfriends friend is Greek so instead of cinco de mayo we celebrated Greek Easter with him and his family and our friends. It included lamb on the spit and lots and lots of food!

    That froyo you had looked yum. 🙂

    • fro-yo is frozen yogurt hahah. it’s really big right now in toronto! there are a ton of “self-serve” frozen yogurt places that have soft serve yogurt in a bajillion different flavours with tons of different toppings. deeeeelish!

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