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AHH I’m kind of freaking out! Only THREE more days until the half! This morning, I did my LAST training run before the big day!! (Can you sense my excitement/nervousness?!). Now, I’m focused on hydrating, getting lots of rest + increasing my carbs (hellloooo carbo loading, let’s be friends). Here’s my plan leading up to race day:

Thursday: 5k easy run + 4 large glasses of water + at least 50% carbs

Friday: yoga + 5 large glasses of water + at least 50% carbs

Saturday: total rest + 6 large glasses of water + Powerade + carboloaddddd


I also just finished making a playlist for the run today, which will also conveniently be used for a friend’s birthday party tomorrow night (efficient much?). I always look forward to putting together my race playlist.. it usually gets me SUPER pumped up & fired up to do the run right then & there hahah. The whole process got me thinking about the relationship between running/working out & music and how I’m definitely someone who NEEDS music to keep me powering through (especially when it’s 21k). I’m telling you, if my iPod battery is dead, I’m not going to the gym. Nuh uh. No way. Call me the music diva; I’m not ashamed. Exception: if I’m doing cardio on a machine with a TV.

the best

Watching the Olympics this past summer, I wondered how on earth the marathoners were able to run without any music. I would have zero motivation in that circumstance! I guess they’re uber focused on their breathing? The sound of their foot steps? The inner voice in their head pushing them? I don’t know. Do YOU need music to work out? What are your favourite fitness tunes?

I prefer upbeat music (duh), but tend to gravitate toward hip hop/rap or electronic/dance music. There’s something about listening to guys like Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne make me feel SO badass and like I can OWN the run.

Some jams I’m excited to listen to while working my way through 21km:

  • Diamonds – Rihanna
  • Die Young – Ke$ha
  • Fifths – Deadmau5
  • Mercy – Kanye West
  • A Milli – Lil Wayne
  • The Night Out (Madeon Remix) – Martin Solveg
  • No Church In The Wild – Kanye West ft Jay-Z
  • Pop That – French Montana
  • Spectrum (Say My Name) – Florence + The Machine ft. Calvin Harris
  • The Veldt – Deadmau5
  • Sleepless (ft. Jezzabell Doran) – Flume
  • Underground Kings – Drake

So, tell me, what are your music needs (or lack thereof) when working out? Do they differ when you are doing weights vs. cardio?
{BTW, I recently stumbled upon Rock My Run, which is a great resource for finding good running tracks!}

Anddd now I’m off to actually make dinner. A little late, right? A certain boyfriend of mine has been working super hard lately (what a guy), so we’ve been eating dinner at slighty crazy hours. I’m rolling with it 😉


A xo


3 thoughts on “workout jamz

  1. Good luck at your race!!! I never used to workout to music, it wasn’t until I started training for my first half marathon, now anything over 5 miles I need music for!! makes the run so much more enjoyable!! 🙂

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