gratitude + what to do with leftovers

Hello, lovelies! How was your weekend? I had a lovely, relaxing-yet-busy-at-the-same time Thanksgiving long weekend! It involved a reunion with a girlfriend that moved to the UK, lazy movie nights with my boy, a Toronto FC game (they lost. surprise, surprise), an afternoon spent relaxing at a quant coffee shop, hanging out with the famjam, two thanksgiving dinners (my family’s and Duncan’s – we’re lucky), & an awesome hike. My fuel for this weekend? Obscene amounts of roasted vegetables + pumpkin pie + red wine. I hope yours was spent with those you love most and that you took some time to reflect on what YOU are thankful for. I, myself, didn’t even really think about the TRUE meaning of Thanksgiving until the weekend was over, which makes me feel very guilty and awful. I have many, many things to be thankful for and think it’s so important to take time out to reflect on everything we have. Beyond that, I’d like to work harder to express my gratitude each and every day. I have heard that keeping a gratitude journal is one of the best ways to do this, and have seen the almighty Oprah talking about her positive experience with starting (& keeping) such a journal. She has said that by getting in the habit of writing down one (or two or three) things she’s grateful for each and every night before going to bed, she consistently feels blessed + fulfilled and attracts positive energy. You can read more about Oprah’s experience with gratitude here.

Annddddddd end rant 🙂 I promise. Here are some fun photos I snapped over the weekend:








A great weekend 🙂 THANK YOU to everyone who made it special.

AHHHHH, by the way, only FIVE days until the half-marathon show down. I reached my training peak about two weeks ago (19k was my longest run) and have now started tapering (what.a.relief). I’m also going to make sure my hydration + nutrition are as good as they can be in the next few days, namely drinking a TON of water, increasing my carbohydrate intake + having a sports drink the day before the run. How am I feeling? Mentally, I’m totally there. HOWEVER, I’m slightly concerned about my knee. My knee recently starting hurting on my runs after about the 8k mark and continues to become more painful as I drag along. The good thing is that my knee is usually not sore the next day, so I’m probably not doing long-term damage. Also SLIGHTLY unnerving is my odd heart, which sometimes decides to march to its own beat 😉

In other news..

Many of you probably have lotttsss of leftover turkey from this weekend. For those who don’t, you’ve probably come across some good ol’ leftover ingredients and wondered what to do with them. Or, perhaps you find yourself unexpectedly having to make dinner and only have a few random ingredients and have no idea how to possibly throw them together to create something palatable. Welcome to your hero: You can enter in any number of ingredients (or even just a single one), and this gem generates recipes for you! It’s been such a handy tool for me and I hope you like it too 🙂

Anddd now I’m off to sleep (or attempt to) super early as I’ve got a work event tomorrow AM at a shamefully early hour!

Night night.


A xo


  • Do you keep a gratitude journal?
  • Any half-marathon race tips for me? Any at all? Really. I’m all ears.
  • What are your favourite thanksgiving activities?

2 thoughts on “gratitude + what to do with leftovers

  1. What a great weekend you had! YAY for taper week!!! Enjoy it! I remember being worried about all the running I wasn’t doing..but come race day I was set!! I hope you knee recuperates until the big day. But their way, I am sure you are going to rock it!! 🙂

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