09.23.12 weekend wrap + weekly plan

Soo normally I try to write my weekend wraps + weekly plans on Sunday nights (makes sense, right?), but last night a little somethin’ got in the way. That something was SUNDAY FUNDAY: an impromptu gathering of friends for a night of debauchery. If last night were any other night other than Sunday, I probably wouldn’t refer to it as “debauchery”, but seeing as Sunday is usually my hard core granny day, it was pretty intense for me 😉

Highlights of the weekend:

*housewarming celebrations with my childhood bestie (she was my first friend!). isn’t the apron adorable? Compliments of Anthropologie.


*dinner at Grano (gluten-free pasta wahoo!)



*mother/daughter pub night

girls at the unicorn

*casual shopping for things I can’t afford at Holts. I didn’t buy anything (obviously), but I did come across some awkward jean/sweat pant hybrid parachute-esque pants that were selling for a cool $360




*other highlights: a much-need cleaning spree of our bedroom, grocery shopping, running 19k (ouch) + a lazy Sunday morning with my favourite pumpkin chai latte.

How was your weekend?


Anddd.. the plan for the week looks a little nutty since I’m out for dinner Tuesday, Wednesday + Thursday night (not a typical week!).

{This week in FOOD}


B-oatmeal with blackberries

L-leftover rotisserie chicken + butternut squash

D-black bean soup w. crackers

S- yogurt + granola, grapes, dried cranberries + pecans, ANDDD a haagen daaz bar ANDD a chocolate hedgehog from Purdy’s (much deserved after my 19k run thank you very much!)


B- oatmeal with pb swirled in

L- quinoa salad with black beans, bell pepper, goat cheese, cilantro + sunflower seeds

D- out after Pilates class!

S- pistachios + dried blueberries, sliced tomato with feta + olive oil


B- two buckwheat waffles with chia seeds & syrup and Greek yogurt with honey

L- hummus + flatbread snack plate

D- grab something before class!

S- banana; cantaloupe


B- strawberry banana smoothie

L- salad with spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, beets, zucchini, turkey burger + grainy mustard dressing

D- out for dinner with the boy (Groupon deal expires soon!)

S- peanuts + dried cranberries; yogurt + berries


B- peanut butter cup smoothie

L- turkey sandwich with sundried tomato pesto, Havarti cheese, apple + arugula

D- herb-marinated chicken breast with green + yellow beans

S- orange; Greek yogurt


{This Week in FITNESS}

M- yoga from doyogawithme.com (beginners leg strength + bend and stretch) <—love this website. It’s an incredible source of free yoga videos!

T- Pilates

W- rest

T- speed run (10k)

F- weights

S- hill run (10k)

S- rest


I hope your week is off to an excellent start and that you’re adjusting to the new season!


A xo


-If you could win a $1,000 gift certificate to any clothing store, which one would it be?

-If you could win a $1,000 gift certificate to any home store, which one would it be?

-Have you ever “gone out” on a Sunday night? It’s seems very odd to me and I can’t decide how I feel about it.


5 thoughts on “09.23.12 weekend wrap + weekly plan

    • Of course not! I throw in a banana, chocolate almond milk (or any kind of milk works), a scoop of chocolate protein powder, flax, + a scoop of peanut butter. It’s REALLY sweet, just so you’re warned 😉 It’s more of a dessert/after workout smoothie, so I’m a little nutty for having it for breakfast hahah! Let me know what you think. I’ve also got lots of other smoothie ideas on my “recipe + meal idea” page. I actually have a special section devoted to smoothies 🙂

  1. Ashmo, this pilates/yoga website is great! Gym memberships are way too expensive here so I’ve been trying to work out at home…to the amusement of my neighbours. Which ones have you done? xo

    • Yeah.. it’s awesome! There are a ton of other great at-home workout channels on YouTube! Check out my tag “at-home workouts” and you’ll see it 🙂 HOW ARE YOU? I miss you and want to hear about how you’re doing! Do you have a job? Have you been having lots of macaroons and wine? What area are you living in?! Tell me all!

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