a hodge podge of sorts

Hey dollies! How’s it going? Sorry I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately… I’m not actually quite sure what I’ve been doing, but I’m sure I’ve been busy. I actually did start taking a course as part of my certificate program, so I suppose that takes up a fair share of time? Anyway, we’ve got lots to catch up on, including a few fun recipes, a great workout + some fashion stuff! Let’s get at ‘er.

I had a great, efficient workout today, though I feel like absolute crap now. I think something I ate is not sitting well with my stomach, or that I’m getting the flu, because I’m all dizzy and my tumtum is just not pleased with me right now. I was actually supposed to meet up with a friend for ice cream & celeb-hunting (only a few days of TIFF left) tonight, but had to cancel 😦

Anyway, yes, so this workout I speak of. I had been reading about how small variations in how we do exercises can really affect their effectiveness and how much they challenge the body. One example of this is stability. The less an object’s surface area touches a solid base, the less stable that object is. Applying this basic principle into exercises makes our whole body work harder, meaning a higher calorie burn + a more challenged core. Try this workout, or any set of exercises that test your balance, for a change of pace!


For the following exercises, complete as many reps as you can (with a challenging amount of weight, if applicable). I’ve included what I did as a guide, but please customize to your own needs! 🙂

  • Close hand push ups – 8 reps
  • Close leg squats – 8 reps x 15lb. dumbbells
  • Single-leg deadlifts – 8 reps x 15lb. dumbbells
  • Plank with arm raises – 10 reps
  • Plank with hands on bosu – 1 minute
  • Push ups with hand on bosu- 8 reps
  • Lunges onto bosu – 8 reps x 15lb. dumbbells

—Repeat 3x through—–


In other news, here are some delicious (& super easy) recipes I’ve been playing around with lately:

honey mustard chicken with tomato salsa

Honey Mustard Chicken with Tomato Salsa

-2 chicken breasts
-a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes
-1/4 chopped red onion
-1/4 c. low-fat yogurt
-1/8 c. honey mustard
-1/2 clove garlic
1 small handful of cilantro
-pinch of cayenne

1) Combine yogurt, honey mustard + cayenne in a bowl and then mix in a freezer bag with chicken breasts. Marinate for 30 minutes-2 hours.
2) Meanwhile, combine tomatoes, garlic, onion + cilantro to make salsa
3) Grill chicken over medium heat until cooked through (4-6 min. per side)
…enjoy 🙂


And another one that’s super healthy and really simple to create is Quinoa Bean Dip. It’s great for taking to pot lucks or having around the house for an appetizer. In fact, I brought a big tupperware of this stuff to Lara’s birthday party over the weekend. This recipe comes from one of my favourite recipe books: Quinoa 365.


(Click on image to zoom in)

quinoa bean dip

healthy quinoa bean dip


In other news..

I got some new running shoes. Anddd I hate them. Okay, that’s not entirely true. They feel really comfortable (all things considered with them being new & all), but I absolutely can’t stand how they look.

I went from these:

To these little-boy-fire truck-esque sneakers:


They look like they should light up with every step I take (remember those gems?!). APPPPARENTLY (according to the trusty gentleman at the Running Room), these shoes are better my foot type. Boo 😦 I learned that I slightly pronate when I run & that I don’t have much of an arch on my foot (guess I never thought about this before?). My Nike Zoom Vomero runners are apparently too cushioned, which doesn’t give my feet enough support. I almost went for the Nikes again, but decided to push my vanity to the side and go for what was the better choice for my feet and running style. I know it was the better choice, but it’s hard to spend money on something you don’t really love, ya know? There are so many awesome looking running shoes on the market these days, so I’m a little sad I wasn’t able to get some fun, bright Nike or Reeboks! Duncan made me feel better by saying I’ll run so fast that no one will even see them 😉

Speaking of footwear, I also purchased a pair of fall riding boots recently! I only have one pair now and absolutely love them; however, the sole is starting to wear a bit & I’m thinking it would be good to get another pair so that they can give each other breaks 😉

.. I ended up scoring a great deal from Browns online! These baby’s were originally $400 on sale for $130. For a pair of genuine leather boots, I’m willing to pay a pretty penny.. particularly since I know that Brown’s is good quality. SCHWWWINNGGG. I can’t wait to wear them!

Today I also purchased a wonderfully cuddly sweater from The Gap.


Cute, right? I hadn’t gone into a Gap store for a lonnngggg time, but am really glad I did today! The clothing is cute, good quality, at reasonable prices, the store is never too crowded (nor the change rooms), & the staff are all really friendly. I’m happy we are reunited.

Another thing that made my day:


My wonderful boyfriend bringing home some Nadege macaroons for me! Maybe they will make my stomach feel better?… C’monnnnn.

I’m also still obsessing over Jude Law. I can’t believe I actually got to see him in real life. And yet I’m sad that it will probably never happen again! DROOL DROOL DROOL.


OKAY. Enough rambles from me! I’ve got lots of questions for you below, though 😉 Have a good night!


A xo


  • How do you like to mix up your workouts?
  • What are your favourite appetizers to bring to pot luck parties?
  • Have you ever gone with running shoes you liked the look of over ones that would really have been functionally better for you?
  • What fall pieces are you looking forward to wearing most?
  • Do you have any celebrity crushes?

5 thoughts on “a hodge podge of sorts

  1. Your photos are great! Love the edits.

    Re running shoes. My last pair, I went with pretty > functional. I’m paying for it! The sneaks are great for walking, but I should’ve listened to the R Room sales associate… I don’t think the pair I opted for has enough support for longer distance running.
    Anyway, I learned my lesson.
    I am immediately going to Brown’s online! Super cute fall boots – and I bet prices in stores are astronomical right about now.
    I went to Fresh then for a stroll in Yorkville tonight with hopes of seeing celebs – no such luck! I wouldn’t complain if I casually bumped into Brad Cooper or Ryan Gosling 🙂

    • Hey Lauren! I was tempted with the pretty shoes as well hahah. As for Brown’s, the amazing sale is actually only online right now! They’ve got all their boots from last year at like 60-80% off.. really incredible. Check it out!

  2. I felt the same as you when I went to go buy some new shoes at the running room in August. I HAD bright pink, totally beautiful Reebok’s and my new pair is a pair of boring white, blue, and green Saucony’s. BUT on a brighter note… the Saucony’s are 100 times better than my Reebok’s were! I feel amazing when I run, I don’t get cramps or anything..absolutely love em! I’m sure you’ll love yours soon too regardless of the colour! Happy Running!

    • Aw good – I’m glad to hear your running is feeling better now! Only time will tell with mine I guess 😉 Were you getting cramps in your feet? I actually was getting those too after about 14k or so!

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