09.09.12 weekend wrap + weekly planning

Howdy, friends! How was your first unofficial weekend of fall? I must say that mine was spectacular. It was really nice to stay in the city all weekend and just do some stuff around the house, spend time with friends + Duncan and just chill out 🙂

Some highlights –

*Brushing shoulders with Jude Law (my big celeb crush). SWOOOON. I wasn’t ready with my camera (haven’t got over that yet), so I didn’t ever get to capture how close I really was to him, but.. I could have touched his arm if I wanted. How creepy. Duncan + I got tickets to see Anna Karenina at TIFF, starring Kiera Knightley and Jude Law. It was awesome to feel all the energy + excitement of the festival and to have the whole experience of hearing the director + actors speak about their roles, the process of making the film, etc. It really made me think of the film from an artistic standpoint as opposed to just a form of entertainment.

jude lawIMG_0278IMG_0268

After the show, Duncan & I went out for dinner at the Rosewater Supper Club. I had a $50 gift certificate, so we used that towards the bill and it ended up being super reasonable! The restaurant is super fancy, so I felt a little weird snapping photos of my food, though I wish I could share it on here now! Duncan and I shared a salmon dish with a duck dish & had our FAVOURITE wine in the world, which isn’t sold anywhere in stores! YUM.

Other highlights

*A lazy Saturday morning. It was kind of nice to wake up to the sound of rain & not feel guilty rolling over and falling back asleep. I was craving a relaxing day around the house

*A long training run. I hit 18km! Woo hoo! Only a few more weeks ‘till race time.

*My friend Lara’s birthday party! HAPPPY BIRTHDAY! Such a good night with incredible people (& food!) 🙂



(My neck looks very giraffe-like there)

*The awesTRUCK Food Truck Festival @ EverGreen Brick Works.








Such a incredible way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I can’t decide which dish I liked most, but I’m leaning towards the caramel apple pie cupcake from the Cupcake Diner 😉


Now, moving onto the meal & fitness plan for the week. I hope these plans give you guys some ideas of how you can incorporate healthy meals & snacks into your days, some portable lunches you can bring to work or school & also some workout inspiration!

{This week in FOOD}


B-scrambled eggs w. cottage cheese

L-asian chicken salad w. sweet + sour dressing


S- watermelon smoothie; fruit + nuts


B- smoothie w milk, frozen mixed berries, banana, oats, hemp, cinnamon, spinach + yogurt

L- mixed green salad w. cherry tomatoes, melon, prosciutto, + mint

D- penne w. chicken, asparagus + sweet bell peppers

S- granola; pecans + dried cranberries


B- mango creamsicle smoothie (orange juice, skim milk, Greek yogurt, banana, frozen mango + vanilla extract)

L- arugula salad with chicken, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, basil + almonds

D- grab something before class! (back to school eeee)

S- pistachios + dried blueberries; banana


B-smoothie w. spinach, blueberries, hempseeds, milk + honey

L-hummus + flatbread; fruit

D- salad w. spinach, fresh salmon, orange pepper, feta, cilantro + peanuts; sweet potato fries

S-peanuts + dried cranberries; raspberries w. plain yogurt


B- smoothie w. spinach, kale, blueberry, banana, milk + almond butter

L – sandwich w. roasted chicken, goat cheese, sprouts, roasted red peppers, cucumber + Dijon mustard

D- steak w. baked sweet potato + corn

S- orange; Greek yogurt


{This Week in FITNESS}

M- Glamour’s “The Supermodel Workout”(yep)

T- speed run (9.5k)

W- weights

T- hill run (9.5k)

F- weights

S- distance run (18.9k)

S- yoga


Now, tell me, how was your weekend? Do anything fun? What new recipes or workouts are you trying out this week?!


A xoxo


4 thoughts on “09.09.12 weekend wrap + weekly planning

  1. Absolutely LOVE Brickworks! I’m back in Ottawa now for school after spending the summer in Toronto.. MISS IT SO MUCH!! Looks like you had a fantastic weekend!

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