Weekend Recap + Weekly Planning

Since I’m going away next weekend on a girls shopping trip, &, so, will be spending most every waking hour under the florescent lights of stores, I thought it might be a good idea to get in as much sunshine as possible this weekend. And so I did 🙂

Friday night, I worked later than usual & got home and was in the mood to do nothing. I had no plans and completely “vegged” out. It was awesome. And reminded of why I need to have more nights like that once in a while.

Since Duncan was out, I was on my own for dinner & ended up making the most amazing impromptu sammy: a panini with turkey, sprouts, pear + aged white cheddar. Oozy, warm goodness.


On Saturday, we went up to a friend’s cottage & spent all day outside in the sun. I’m pretty sure I’ve now stored up enough vitamin-D to last me through the fall ;).




Possibly the highlight of the cottage, other than my awesomely awesome friends, was the best burgers in the world (made by Alex & Lucas) and the most delicious, creamiest, black cherry ice cream from a cute lil’ ice cream parlour in the local town.

Today, I woke up earlier than I do during the week. It could have gone pretty god awful, but I’m happy to say that I DID survive. This morning was spent going to Duncan’s soccer game & then rewarding myself for all my hard work (eyeballs darting back & forth on the field is really tough) with a fro-yo.



SO SO yummy & much needed! The flavour of choice today was a mix of banana with peanut butter jelly. It hit the spot perfectly. YUM.

The rest of the day was spent visiting with our parents & relaxing outside. At about 3 PM, I hit a wall and decided that I was going to be useless for the rest of the day. It was really quite pathetic, but I blame the sun’s powers hahah. Surprisingly, I did end up going to the grocery store & the gym, which was really impressive considering my “doozy” state; however, dinner was as lazy & hippie as they come 😉


Pre-made soup + pre-chopped sweet ‘taters. Basically no prep necessary = happy Ashley. This was my first time trying soup from Sunflower Kitchen & I was not left disappointed! I went for the Moroccan Vegetable & Chick Pea mix, which basically has tomatoes, chick peas, lentils, + cumin. All the ingredients are natural & there are no additives or thickeners (which means it’s also gluten-free yay!) and check out this nutrient profile:


A TON of fibre & vitamin A! I have a feeling I’m going to have super night vision tonight with all that vitamin A 😉

Now, onto the real business: the plan for the week!

For any new readers out there, I try to post my meal and exercise plans for the week every Sunday. I’m pretty diligent about always planning out meals & snacks (and actually really enjoy doing it!) and also scheduling work out time, so I hope these plans can give you guys some ideas, too!

{This week in FOOD}


B-plain Greek yogurt with strawberries+ flax

L-leftover Moroccan veggie soup

D-tandoori chicken + spinach salad

S- pistachios; fruit; cheese


B- oatmeal with blueberries

L- black bean quinoa dip + flatbread

D- chicken, vegetable + bean stirfry

S- fruit; nuts; dried cranberries


B-raspberry, banana + orange smoothie

L- veggie wrap with sweet potato, roasted red pepper, zucchini, sprouts, spinach, hummus + pesto

D- out!

S- granola + almond milk; pistachios + dried blueberries


B-oatmeal with pb

L-cheese + crackers; fruit


S-banana; cantaloupe


AWAY for girls weekend!


{This Week in FITNESS}

M- distance run (15.5k)

T- weights

W- speed run (8.25k)

T- rest

F- weights

S- super shopping!

S- super shopping! (that counts, right?)



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