That Night I Ran Away to the Circus

So this post is a lil’ delayed, but.. better late than never, right? (that makes me think of the infamous words from the equally infamous Drake “better late than never, but never late is better..” ah. love him).

Last week, Kerry & I went to King West Fitness to try Reebok’s Jukari Fit to Fly class. We had purchased a Groupon (I’m obsessed) for three classes a few months ago & decided we better get on it while the weather is still above freezing 😉

The first thing that I noticed when arriving at King West Fitness is how dang beautiful it is! It’s probably the prettiest gym I’ve ever seen (pretty gym doesn’t sound quite right, does it?). But really.. it’s an an old warehouse building in the ultra trendy Liberty Village neighbourhood (oh how chichi) and the inside is just as nifty as the outside. Yes, I said nifty. I’m talking exposed brick-and-beam style loft with hardwood floors & humungous windows that let it beautiful natural light.

Kingwest Fitness

So, now that I’d officially fallen in love with the space, I was ready to tackle a workout. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the class, but knew/hoped it would be lots of fun! I usually don’t like taking classes that I’m not absolutely sure will be a hard core workout (cause, you know, I’m hard core like that?), but I had a totally different attitude with this one since it was clearly going to be ridiculously fun swinging from a trapeze!

Jukari Fit to Fly is a new type of workout created in collaboration between Reebok and Cirque du Soleil (meaning, it’s legit). It claims to be a “high intensity workout that will have your heart beating and sweat dripping from your body. You will gain strength, balance, core training, and most of all, have fun!”

I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by just how much of a workout it really was! Though Kerry & I just started with the level one class, I can definitely see how it would be very challenging as you move up levels. I didn’t find it much of a cardio workout, but my heart rate was definitely elevated. What it was great for was working small muscle groups that I don’t regular use, particular in my back/shoulder blade region. My arms were also burningggg by the end, as they really power you through the whole sequence. It was also a GREAT core & balance workout. We did a good mix of moves standing up using the trapeze & also floor toning moves using the straps. Our instructor was awesome & the class was small enough that I felt like I could really ask questions/the instructor could personally come around & make sure we all had correct form.

Do you have Jukari Fit to Fly in your area? Have you ever tried it? It’s definitely tons of fun & I would especially recommend it to those people who have a difficult time staying motivated by regular gym-going and need to constantly switch things up. That said, I believe it’s a tad bit prettttty expensive. So.. maybe wait for the deal, too?!

Some fun photos –



[Don’t mind the under-boob sweat … I guess I really did work up sweat, just as promised ;)]

I look forward to going to our next two classes and joining the circus once again 🙂 Maybe next time there’ll be elephants!

Just to polish off a really healthy day, Ker & I went out for a quick, casual dinner at Fresh, a vegetarian restaurant in The Big Smoke.

I had a “beach” bowl on brown rice with sweet potato, roasted red pepper, zucchini, goat cheese, sprouts, olive oil, lemon + lotssss of rando spices that combined to taste incredible at the time, but make my stomach really hurt afterward! It was joined by a super hippie-esque green smoothie made with apple, spinach, celery + ginger.


A fantastic and uber-healthy day!

So.. tell me.. how do you mix up your fitness routine? Have you tried any fun classes lately? Do you feel the need to try tons of different things or do you keep a pretty basic plan? Let’s chat 🙂

Sayonara, my friends!


A xo

P.S. – Last night I did two at-home kickboxing workouts that were AWESOME. Check them out for a quick, at-home cardio workout: Kickboxing Cardio Workout (26 min.) + Kelli’s Cardio Kickboxing (11 min.)


6 thoughts on “That Night I Ran Away to the Circus

  1. I love Groupon for trying out new fitness classes! I’m in the middle of using a Groupon I bought for hot yoga and zumba classes. I’d never tried either and I’m loving them. It was $30 for 20 classes (in 3 months), you can’t beat that!!!!

  2. That class looks way fun. I’m a group fitness addict so a unique class like that is right up my alley. OMG that vegetarian restaurant and your dish of choice sound and look fab!

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