Weekend Recap

Hi friends! So.. due to a super hectic (albeit, fantastic) series of events over this weekend, I’ve just been too busy to catch up with you 😉 I hope you’ll understand!

As I mentioned earlier in the summer, basically my #1 goal of this season was to plan a little trip for my group of girlfriends! My group of high school friends have been so close for so long, but yet we had never been away together! Kind of pathetic, right?

Well.. that all changed this weekend 🙂 Though we didn’t go far, the point was to spend time away from our day-to-day lives together.just us.just the girls. We went to Niagara Falls (Ontario side, which is considered the “Vegas” of Canada I suppose) and Niagara-on-the Lake and just enjoyed each other’s company. Ahh it was so awesome. I can’t wait to start making getaways together more of a habit.. okay, maybe not a habit… that could get expensive.. but at least an annual affair!

The highlights of the trip (aside from powerful lady-bonding time, of course) were the Niagara Wine Tour + going out for dinner at the infamous Brazilian steakhouse, Brasa.

On our wine tour, we stopped at three different wineries: Chateau des Charmes, Jackson Triggs + Inniskillin. All were very different and beautiful.

Chateau des Charmes was the first step & probably the most charming (pun intended meebee) in terms of its beautiful, vast vines. It was also where we had the most informative, well-paced tour. It was teetering on the edge of a little TOO informative, though! It’s hard to concentrate on the steel fermenting process when you can smell the wine and are waiting for your first sip!

SIDE NOTE: Carrie Underwood + Mike Fisher got married at Chateau des Charmes! I was star struck.


Next stop on the tour was Jackson Triggs. JT had an awesome, very modern & architecturally-interesting building; however, the tour was a little… non-existent. We were supposed to have cheese + chocolate pairings with our wine, but to say that we were gipped is an understatement. I kid you not, we literally had a crumble of cheese and a crumble of chocolate (no, not even a piece) – it would have left a mouse starved. Our tour guide also just wanted to get right to the wine-drinking part of the tour, so she poured us three glasses without saying much at all; in fact, we didn’t even see the vines on the tour! It was still a beautiful venue & you’ll never hear me complain about sipping on wine 😉

JT also had an incredible smelling/looking/sounding Burger Bar & restaurant that overlooked the grounds. There were several groups of posh tourists having six-course lunches and my angry, gipped stomach was a little envious.



jackson triggs

The final stop was at Inniskillin Winery. We were greeted by this gem of a man who had passed out on the front lawn; needless to say, he wasn’t there long.


Inniskillin is most known for its ice wine. And ice wine we did. Though I’ve had my fill of ice wine for about the next 40 years/my whole life, I learned a ton about the process of making it! Did you know that in order to produce ice wine, the temperatures have to reach –8 degrees Celcius for three consecutive days? After the optimal temperatures have been reached, a team goes out to pick the grapes at night (do prevent de-frosting).. so cool! I think it would be REALLY fun to pick frozen grapes at 2 AM; though it’s likely not as glamorous as I think (ummm.. frost  bite/freezing body parts/being up way past by bedtime).




WINE OVERLOAD (not that it’s a bad thing!).

And we had the perfect, sunny day for it 🙂

Later in the evening (perhaps after a recovery nap), we headed out to Brasa for an all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse experience. We later learned that an all-you-can-eat after a wine tour was not a good idea; however, we DID survive.IMG_3751

Brasa was incredibly delicious & we stuffed ourselves accordingly to the point of disgusting-ness (it’s a word). Brasa has 16 different kinds of meat, all of which are brought around the restaurant by servers who carve the meat right at your table! Did I also mention that there is a huge buffet with over 70 different items?

My plate (not even including the meat):


My favourite item of all was the grilled banana with cinnamon! YUMMMMMMMZ.

I made a valiant effort to clear my plate, but sadly struggled + decided that I didn’t want to rip my skirt to make more room for food.

The rest of the night was spent at the casino, where I lost a grand total of $0.38. I’m a big risk taker, clearly 😉 For that reason, the one-cent slot machines were right up my alley!

A great weekend with the most wonderful ladies around! 🙂


After packing up on Sunday, I headed to visit my parentals for the afternoon and for a big family dinner (with Duncan’s parents) in the evening.


One of the highlights of the summer my life. I wish I were joking.

Some of you may know that I have a long-time obsession with miniature pigs & about a month ago, one of my mom’s friends got one as a pet! Since that fateful day, we have been trying to set up a time to meet it.

I probably come off as a crazy person, but I have just always had such a love for cute little piggies & NEEDED to take advantage of the fact that someone I know actually had one (it doesn’t happen everyday, after all!). If you’ve seen the Kirsten Bell “sloth” video (Google it or click on the my post link above)… just know that I feel the same way about mini pigs that she does with sloths.

It was everything I had hoped for + more 🙂 The little piggie was an adorable six pounds & they don’t expect her to get over 20. So cute!



The funniest part was that Liza (the pig) SQEALED soooo loud every time she was picked up. She didn’t squirm or try to jump out of my arms, but she made a ridiculously loud noise (hence, why she’s named Liza.. after Liza Minnelli). It was also hilarious how the six-pound piggy was smaller than the family’s cat + also played with their massive dogs. Too funny! Best.day.ever.

As if the weekend wasn’t already enough, we had a great dinner with the families & sat outside enjoying the last bit of summer (it pains me to say that!). I feel so lucky that I’m able to see my parents & Duncan’s parents so often. A full weekend for sure!


I helped my mom make these mini tomato-bocconcini-basil skewers.. cute huh?!

In other news… today I ran the longest I have ever run before. In prep for the half-marathon I’m running in October, I ran 15k today. I fear I may not be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

Night night,

A xo

  • How was your weekend?
  • Do you have a like for any odd animals? I also really like seals.
  • Have you tried ice wine? If so, do you like it? My co-worker mentioned today it’s actually supposed to be delicious on ice cream!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. It looks like you had such a great weekend. I would love to do a wine tasting sometime. There is a restaurant in my area that serves platters of cheese and chocolate to match your wine selection. It was such a fun experience and very yummy!

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