Speedy Weekend Wrap + Weekly Plan

Hey, dolls! Hope you had a great weekend! It’s alright past my bedtime so I’ma make this speedy!

Even though the weather was less than ideal this weekend, it still turned out to be a good one! Friday night Duncan & I went out to dinner at Nyood, which is a really trendy, tapas-style restaurant that has a bar on the second floor. We had (okay, Duncan had) purchased a Groupon deal a few months ago & of course, we waited to use it until the last possible second. Please tell me we aren’t the only ones that do that! Anyway, it was an awesome time & a great restaurant. And since it was a total date night, I decided to refrain from taking photos. Though Duncan is nothing but supportive of my blogging and obsessive-photo taking, I often feel a little bad and that it sometimes gets to be too much. Any other bloggers out there feel the same way? Anyway, we had an amazing meal of a spinach/poached pear/candied pecan salad with maple butter dressing, duck prosciutto flatbread + panko-crusted chicken with truffled honey + key lime. MMM. I also had a really funky drink that involved BASIL. I’d always wanted to try a cocktail with basil in it, so Friday was the night! It was a little medicinal tasting for me, but I’m still glad I gave it a shot.

Of course, the date night finished off with a trip to Yogurty’s. Even though it was pouring rain, it had to be done! We shared a pistachio & Greek yogurt flavour – SO refreshing! I never really understood why anyone got pistachio-flavoured gelato or yogurt, but now I totally get it.

Saturday was spent at the Ontario Craft Beer & Food Truck Festival. SO amazing. Even though we got a lil’ rained on, it was such a fun time & such a great deal. I will definitely go again next year.

Basically, it was $15 entry fee (which included two samples & a nice glass) & then $1 per subsequent sample. There were about eight local breweries at the festival, each with two or three different beers, so there was quite a bit of selection. My favourite: Flying Monkey’s Tangerine to Grape. OMGDELICIOUS.





The highlight of the day/my summer (half kidding, half serious) was when my friend Kerry & I made the very mature decision to ride the kiddie train around the park. Yes, there’s a little train track & steam whistle train that’s meant for children and we went on it. It was the best $3 I’ve ever spent. We went on the train ride twice.



We asked the boys to snap pictures of our ridiculous amount of laughter. HAHAHA. THE BEST!

Overall, it was a really great festival; however, the food truck scene was a little lacking. Gourmet food trucks are really big in Toronto right now & I was hoping to try some different foods from a variety of them, but there only ended up being two and they were selling kinda typical fare (meatball sliders, schwarma, etc). I hope GOURMET B1TCHES come next year so that I can try some of their amazing-sounding items… likeee… pulled chicken tacos, spicy kale salad or pineapple skewers.

Other highlights of the weekend: visiting my parents (although it was WAY too short!), getting my hair did (I’m blonde again! yay!) & celebrating Duncan & his sister’s birthday with their family. We had such a wonderful dinner tonight & it was so nice to catch up with Duncan’s family, especially his sister, who I haven’t seen since she’s been back from her big Euro trip! NOTE: Dave’s face in the background. Priceless!


A big THANK YOU for having us over for such a tasty meal! 🙂

Also, as a side note.. this weekend I did a few at-home pilates workouts via POP Pilates instructor Casey Ho. Her videos are short but SO intense. I honestly don’t know how she is so fit. It boggles my mind. She can go on and on and on for minutes while I’m struggling after a few seconds! I really love her videos for their ability to challenge me & really give me a good at home workout, but be warned: she’s very “high energy”.

Try some of these if you’re short on time but still want to squeeze in a good workout (they are all under 15 minutes):

POP Pilates: Miley Cyrus Abs Workout

POP Pilates: Beginner Inner Thighs (lies: this is NOT beginner level)

POP Pilates: Your Royal Hotness Workout


Now onto the PLAN for the week!

{This week in FOOD}


B-strawberries + yogurt

L-sandwich with turkey, lettuce, tomato, green pepper + sundried tomato spread

D-brown rice pasta

S- pistachios; fruit; nuts


B- smoothie with ½ c. Greek yogurt, ½ c. frozen mixed berries, 1 banana & ½ c. OJ

L- cheese + crackers; apple

D- asian salmon sliders with citrus yogurt sauce + corn + spinach salad with sliced pear, candied pecans + aged white cheddar

S- yogurt + piece of fruit; pecans + dried cranberries


B-steel-cut oatmeal with almond milk & honey

L- corn + black bean salad

D- out!

S- plain greek yogurt with drizzled honey, almonds + banana; granola with almond milk


B-oatmeal with blueberries

L-wrap with scrambled eggs, cheese + spinach; sweet potato wedges

D-orange-maple salmon with sweet veggie skewers

S-pistachios + dried blueberries; sliced tomato with feta


AWAY for girls weekend!


{This Week in FITNESS}

M- distance run (13k)

T- kick boxing

W- speed run (6.5k)

T- weights

F- hill run (6.5k)

S- weights

S- rest


Goodnight and I hope your Monday is off to a great start tomorrow!

Much love,

A xo


  • Are food trucks popular in  your city?
  • What is your favourite frozen yogurt flavour?

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    • Aw, too bad you missed the good ones! It’s really just been the past few months that have seen the rise in popularity! Where were you visiting from?

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