A few exciting things happened today…

1) Our frames arrived! We’re (meaning Duncan) in the process of putting together a wall collage of awesome prints we’ve collected over the years. We ordered a ton of frames & now just have to get them matted and put them together! Duncan is slightly MUCH more artistically inclined than I am, so he is spearheading this, which is definitely for the better. We’re hoping to achieve something like this:

2) I purchased a Clinique Chubby Stick! I have been wanting to try one for a long time, so finally splurged! I’ve heard lots of positive reviews & c’mon, you can’t deny its cuteness.


3) I used my new salad dressing emulsifier for the first time! Wow, I feel as though that makes me sound like a snooty foodie. I swear I’m not! Anyway, it was lots of fun (how nerdy) & quite the wrist work out. Seriously.

Pre-emulsification (how scientific!)




Dinner was definitely makeshift, as I wasn’t expecting to have my dinner partner with me tonight (meaning, a lazy girl dinner was in order).


Salsa, egg & turkey scramble open-faced sandwich with mixed green salad. If you can get past the god awful look of the eggs, this is actually palatable. Barely, though. I think I put in a little too much salsa, yessss?

It got me thinking about how the look of our food really does affect our perceptions. I have a fairly weak stomach, so I really do struggle to eat foods that look buck nasty. What about you?

Speaking of eggs, there is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while: the difference between white + brown eggs. Despite having taking a few nutrition courses & feeling pretty knowledgeable on the subject, I have NEVER known the difference. Is that really bad?

I’ve always purchased brown eggs, assuming that they were more healthy. Not no more! I’ve been fooled!

The difference between the two is so simple that it’s mind boggling I didn’t know before: white-feathered chickens lay white eggs & red/brown-feathered ones lay brown eggs. This made me laugh & reminisce to the good old days when I thought that white milk came from white cows & chocolate milk comes from a brown cow. HA! Anyway, in egg land, there is no nutritional difference between the two types of eggs.

So why, you ask, are brown eggs more expensive than their white friends? Are supermarkets capitalizing on our assumptions that brown are more healthy than white? No. It all comes down to size: brown eggs are simply bigger & more heavy.

For further reading, check out this article via Huffington Post:


Tonight we had dinner BEFORE the gym, which is just a big no-no in my books! I have SUCH a hard time motivating myself to workout after a full eating marathon. Let’s see if I can drag my booty off the couch to tackle my distance run of the week….

Have a great night!


A xo


  • Are there any foods you have had a hard time eating because of the look that were actually delicious?
  • Have you ever tried a “Dining in the Dark” restaurant (like O’Noir)?
  • Do you usually buy brown or white eggs?
  • Do you prefer to go to the gym in the morning, before dinner or after dinner?

4 thoughts on “Egg-cellent

    • So tasty! I developed an allergy to avocado so I can’t have it anymore.. but miss it dearly! 😦 So yummy .. but I do agree that it looks a little nasty. Have some for the both of us k? 🙂

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