Weekend Recap + {Sunday} MONDAY Planning

Holla! For all of my Ontario friends, I hope that you had a wonderful long weekend + got to enjoy the brilliant weather today. For all of those who started their week today, hats off to you 😉

This weekend was EXTRA special for a number of reasons!

Friday was spent relaxing outside (day off) & then going out with my girlfriends! We had a very special visitor: a beautiful lady from London, England! Our friend, Gillian, is back visiting for the whole month of August, so it was nice to catch up with her 🙂 It was one of those nights that wasn’t supposed to turn out particularly wild & crazy, but did (in a good way!).

On the way to my friend Kelly’s house, Duncan & I stumbled upon a gem of an outdoor gym. I had heard of these being around, but never saw them. They were always more of a fairy tail; that is, until that fateful moment on Friday 😉

Hahahah this photo makes me laugh so much ‘cause it looks entirely cheesy & like I’m just squeezing in a lil’ workout before heading out for a night on the town. Because, you know, who DOESN’T do that?


Duncan took it seriously, too:


Good times.

Saturday was even more special, as the boy & I celebrated our SIX YEAR anniversary 🙂 I will try to spare you with the mushy details, but will say that I got an amazing letter that means the world to me. I think I shall frame it 🙂

We were very lucky to escape the predicted storm & head down to Sugar Beach for the afternoon. With the exception of a few crazies (one man in particular had clearly downed a few bottles of booze before deciding to yell obscenities all afternoon), it was a really relaxing, beautiful day.



We stopped in at Against the Grain for lunch, which was an awesome pick! The restaurant (or, “Tavern”, as they call it) is right on the water & has a fantastic menu. They even had GLUTEN-FREE BEER!

Duncan got an incredible looking smoked chicken flatbread. I also really enjoyed the wooden plank it was served on. Me thinks I should invest in one just like it!


I had the most refreshing lunch I’ve had all summer, which was fitting for a humid day.


WATERMELON SOUP. I saw this tres original item on the menu & just had to jump at the opportunity to try it. It was SO refreshing. I want to have it again. And every day. All day. Sprinkles of feta cheese took it up to an even higher level.

(I also had a large salad for lunch, which wasn’t nearly as exciting)

That evening, we headed out to Czehoski on Queen West for dinner. Czehoski originally opened as a Polish butcher shop & still holds true to its roots. This was my second time at this incredible restaurant & I enjoyed it just as much as the first.

I even broke some rules.

I kind of really broke the rules.

I decided that I had gone gluten-free for two weeks & that it was time to “test the waters” & see if I would have a bad reaction by trying some. It just HAPPENED to convenient that Czehoski has the BEST perogies in.the.entire.world. Let yourself salivate over the sounds of this: sweet potato perogies with braised cabbage + gouda cheese. I attempted a picture, but it turned out really dark. Oh well, a candlelit dinner was well worth it 😉

The verdict: best perogies ever AND my reaction wasn’t completely horrible, but definitely confirms that gluten screws up my digestion. Let’s just say my GI tract isn’t entirely pleased with me. It may take a few days of being REALLY nice for it to forgive me.

Moving on..

Sunday was spent lazing around the house (hey, it was rainy out) & then heading to Duncan’s parents place for his grandmother’s birthday party. I always love spending time with his family, so it was awesome. I felt very honoured to be able to spend time celebrating with Duncan’s grandma. The spread of food was truly impressive, & the best part was definitely the dessert. Duncan’s mom made an incredible chocolate cake with orange. The flavour was subtle but just gave that hint of deliciousness 😉 I hope to see a few more of those in my future!

And today… today was spent relaxing by the pool & BBQing with the parentals.


My mom picked up some funk-a-liscious sorbet that I just have to share with you! I’ll preface this by saying that I’m not usually a fan of sorbets (just gimme the gelato/fro yo/ice cream + be done with it!). This sorbet, though, it other worldly. The coolest part: the package comes with individually wrapped sorbets, which happen to be filled in an emptied half of the fruit the sorbet is flavoured. Okay that sounds really confusing. So… the mango-orange flavoured sorbet is inside half an orange, the pineapple flavour sorbet is inside half of a pineapple shell, etc.



If you can try these, I highly recommend! So delish 🙂 My mom picked them up at Costco for anyone who is curious!


Now for the real deal! Since this week is a little hectic, I don’t have much of a meal plan laid out. We will likely only have one dinner at home this week, so I’ll just wing it then. Of course, breakfasts, lunches + snacks are still in full swing 😉

Since dinners are the real “meat” (sometimes literally) of the meal planning, I’ll skip out on it this week + just share my fitness plans with you:

This Week in Fitness

M- does throwing a frisbee + floating around in the pool count?

T- distance run (13k)

W- tennis!

T- speed run (6.5k)

F- Pilates

S- hill run (6.5k)

S- weights


And now, it’s WAY past my bed time and I’m in dire need of a midnight snack. Goodnight, bloggie world!


A xo


Are there any outdoor gyms in your area? If so, do you use it?


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