The G Plan

Hello, friendies! Happy Tuesday to ya 🙂 How’s the week going so far?

I’ve got a (kind of) exciting update on the gluten front for you…. but first, we have some catching up to do!

As I mentioned yesterday, I took my birthday off work to enjoy it to the fullest! I was blessed with an absolutely gorgeous sunny and hot day! I slept in, went on a long run, did some laundry, went grocery shopping, caught up on blogs & watched some Olympics before heading out for gelato with my bestie. We tried a new spot called Gelato Simply Italian (real original).


I was super pumped to see that they had a Peach Bellini flavour (never seen that one before!) so had to take advantage. Since it was my birthday, I opted for a MEDIUM size instead of small .. how daring, eh?! Though the Bellini flavour totally stole the show, the banana + strawberry were nice side kicks 😉 We relaxed in the sun & chatted and then did some casual shopping. Tell me, why is it that whenever I’m actually in the mood to buy something (& would “treat” myself), that I can’t find anything?! Thanks for a wonderful afternoon & treat, Lisa!

After our wonderful rendezvous, I was greeted at home by THESE:


BEAUTIFUL flowers!!! Made me so happy 🙂 I’m so lucky to have the best boyfriend in the whole entire world. He made me some bruschetta on Parmesan lentil chips (g-free woohoo!) & we sipped on some wine before heading out to dinner at Milestones. Milestones is really fantastic at catering to gluten-free diets; they have a dedicated section on the menu for gluten-free dishes. Unfortunately, scanning the menu had me salivating for other options which I couldn’t have (like butternut squash ravioli with goat cheese + caramelized pecans). WAAHHH! Oh well oh well oh well.

We enjoyed some drinks at the bar, then went out to the rooftop patio when it was available. I had some deliciously sour mojitos alongside my Mediterranean chicken. My meal was super tasty, albeit a tad bit (okay, a lot) salty! Best part: it included TWO chicken breasts (who eats two whole chicken breasts?!), so I saved one for lunch today. Score!


Grilled chicken breasts with Asian greens, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes + goat cheese


Dessert was INCREDIBLE. I don’t usually order desserts when I’m out (usually I’m too full), but decided to make an exception since it was my birthday 😉 I’m SO happy that Milestone’s had such a dreamy sounding gluten-free dessert!

Feast your eyes on some Belgian chocolate cake on a pecan crust:

gluten-free dessert milestones

Holy yum! Between the gelato, sangria, mojitos, + chocolate pecan cake, I was definitely in sugar coma territory! And now my face is breaking out JUST to show its anger with me!

In other news…

*My arms are feeling like JELLO. Absolute wiggly, jiggly jello after my attempt at a CrossFit workout today. Not REAL Crossfit (phew, I’m not ready for that yet), but an at-home/gym CrossFit-inspired routine from Women’s Health. This really is a great routine to try because it’s simple, able to be done anywhere, & is basically four workouts in one! I attempted (operational word) the “Total Time” workout, which meant doing 10 reps of each exercise before moving onto the next without rest for a total of 15-minutes. I literally could NOT go on after a total circuit of 1.5! My arms were BURNING from the (real) burpees + push ups. Apparently I had been doing cheater burpees my whole life? I never incorporated push ups as part of the move before. No wonder I always thought “oh no biggie” when burpees came up! HA. No more. Dreams were crushed today. What this workout taught me: I need to improve my upper body strength; in particular, my push up skills!

*I got my GI/stomach results back from my doctor today! The ultrasound was perfectly normal (no gallstones, yay!), as was the blood work… including my celiac/gluten test. Though I should be really happy about this (& mostly am), I’m still feeling like I don’t have my answer yet. I’m not feeling completely better, though my situation has improved (I think) since going gluten-free just one week ago.

The gluten panel blood test APPARENTLY only tests for the presence of antibodies associated with celiac disease & does not reveal if someone has a gluten intolerance or sensitivity. I’ve also read that the blood test is fairly accurate, but there are MANY cases of false negative results (up to 30% of people with celiac disease don’t produce the antibody the blood test flags for!). In fact, Duncan’s mom was telling me of a friend of hers who had negative results on the blood test, but then tested positive with the GI biopsy! So.. what to do?

I think the plan (hence, the G plan) is to AVOID gluten wherever I can. I have started to feel better since eliminating it from my diet & suspect that I do have a sensitivity to it.

I have had no problems adjusting my diet at home (I’ve been focused on adding quinoa + brown rice to my diet & have found gluten-free oatmeal, flax bread, granola + cereal, buckwheat waffles, + brown rice pasta). I’ll continue eating mostly gluten-free while I’m out, BUT if something on a menu reallyyyy jumps out at me in a big way and I really, really want it.. I’m going to go for it! Looks like I could have had that butternut squash ravioli after all 😉

*Lastly, I’m obsessed with Mason jars lately. It hit me tonight that I have NEVER saved Mason jars from pasta sauce before. WHY NOT?! I feel like I haven’t lived! I just saved my first one tonight (scraped the labels off, cleaned it out, etc) & am looking for something creative to do with it! Any ideas?

These candles look pretty amazing –


Now I’m off to clean our bedroom, which is an absolute disaster (as per usual!).

Goodnight, loves!

A xoxo


  • Not so much a direct question, but a general inquiry: anyone else have experience with celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity/intolerance? Please enlighten me! I’d love to hear your stories & your feedback as to whether my “G-plan” is actually appropriate.
  • Mason jar uses/decorative ideas for me?
  • What’s your idea of a perfect birthday?!

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