Sunday {Monday} Planning + Weekly Challenge + BIRTHDAY FUN

Hello world! It’s mah birfdayyyy! How obnoxious of me! But c’mon, you’ve gotta have a little fun on the big day.. right?

I’ll get to the weekly planning + challenge stuff at the end, but first, a little fun!

I had a wonderful weekend celebrating my birth, which is why I didn’t have time (or energy!) to post last night. Just too much fun goin’ on.

Friday night was spent at my parent’s house hanging out with the whole family. I got to meet my (half) sister’s fiance for the first time, which was awesome! He’s a great British bloke 😉 I also spent a lot of quality time with their adorable baby boy, who I’ve taken an unhealthy level of liking loving to. If we lived remotely close to one another, I would be advocating for #1 babysitter position hahah!

Saturday night was the big birthday party, which was a blast. It was a “trifecta” birthday party with one of my best friend’s Kelly, and her roommate, Alex. A big thank you to Kelly, Alba + Alex for hosting!!! It makes me SO happy to have a room full of incredible friends from different parts of my life, with a mojito in one hand + a piece of gluten-free chocolate peanut butter cake in the other (THANK YOU to my amazing friend Allie for making such a special cake!).



After a bit of a lazy morning (forgive me) on Sunday, Duncan & I headed back to our parents’ places for a late afternoon visit & big dinner. We’re so lucky that our parents live literally five minutes apart from one another. SIGH. Unfortunately the PIG thing didn’t happen, but we’ll just have to arrange another date!

I relaxed with my parentals for a bit and opened some pressies, including…



Now I can actually make some dishes without relying on the Magic Bullet (bless it’s dear heart) for processing/blending food. I have vowed that the first thing I will create in this gem will be Angela’s Banana Peanut Butter & Jam Soft Serve.

I’m also really excited about my David’s Tea iced tea infuser + new Summer Collection!


Some All of the recipes in the summer drink guide look absolutely TO DIE FOR. I cannot wait to try!



After opening some pressies from my parents & visiting them for a while, we all headed out for dinner at the beautiful Rattlesnake Point Golf Club.


It was such a nice, relaxing time and the scenery was just ridiculously beautiful. I feel so blessed that both our families get along so well 🙂

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but looking at the menu last night it really hit me how DIFFICULT at times trying this gluten-free diet will be! There were SO many things on the menu that I wanted to try (helllloooo Mediterranean flat bread pizza), but had to exert an insane amount of resistance to not give in. I guess I feel that I’ve already put a week into this, so why back track now?! I’m also starting to feel a lot better, so I really am convinced that it is gluten that has been causing my issues!

Anddd for today, I’ve decadently taken the day off of work 🙂 I had a sleep-in this morning (much needed), had a slow, lazy morning, & then did a hard-core run of 11 KM, which marks my distance run for the half-marathon training complete! Woo hoo! Other plans for the day include grocery shopping, cleaning (don’t hate .. it NEEDS to be done + I’m actually really looking forward to it), laundry, meeting my bestie for dessert of some kind (ice cream or macaroons!), getting my free BIRTHDAY drink at Starbucks + then going out to dinner with the boy. Yum yum yum.

OKAY, now, onto the serious stuff…




my birthday! no food plans, except dessert with my bestie + dinner with my man!


B-strawberry banana smoothie with almond milk, sunflower butter, vanilla protein powder + ground flax

L-salad with beans, nuts + chopped apple

D-bison burger with sweet veggie skewers

S-banana with peanut butter; raw veggies with salsa; rice crackers + cheese


B-oatmeal with banana slices, almonds, chia seeds, almond milk + peanut butter

L-brown rice wrap with Dijon mustard, turkey, apple + mixed greens

D- grilled chicken kebabs with pineapple salsa

S-yogurt + piece of fruits; pistachios


B-smoothie with Greek yogurt, frozen mixed berries, banana + OJ

L-hummus + lentil crackers; strawberries

D-brown rice pasta with veggies

S-Greek yogurt with honey, sliced banana + almonds; fruit + cheese


day off work .. no plans!



M-distance run (up to 11k now!) – DONE! 🙂

T- weights

W- speed run (5.35k)

T- weights

F- hill run (5.35k)

S- rest

S- rest


YOUR CHALLENGE (should you choose to accept it): do something this week FOR YOU, FOR FUN that you’ve been wanting to do all summer. Check it off your WANT TO DO list. We’re almost into August, which means we’ve got about a month left of summer. Life is short, the summer is short, you only live once .. be happy & do something purely because you want to. ENJOY 🙂

… and let me know how the challenge goes! Check in on Twitter by using the hashtag #sfsweeklychallenge or leave your comments below! Share what you WANT to do for yourself this week.


A xoxo


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