Okay, this week is seriously the best. Not only is it summer (a bonus in itself) but, a lot of really exciting stuff is going on! Where shall we start hmmm..

1) Duncan & I went to the Coldplay concert on Monday. It was the best concert I’ve EVER been to (yep, even tops Katy Perry). The energy in the Air Canada Centre (concert venue) was incredible! Coldplay did a good mix of old & new songs (nothing beats the classics) and also a good variety of acoustic and upbeat music.


I also now officially have a crush on Chris Martin (sorry Gwynie). I had no idea how much of a babe he is. It’s not so much about his looks as it is about how much enthusiasm he has for the music & the way he just rocks out. Plus, he’s such a musical talent being able to play so many instruments & sing so amazingly. Swoooon.


The BEST part of the concert was these awesome wrist bands that they were giving out at the entrance. We didn’t think much of them to begin with, but turns out that they all lit up, so the whole venue was lit with tiny different coloured lights – so cool!


Definitely a highlight of the summer/the year!

2) Today I was the lucky recipient of FREE ice cream! Yes, that’s right. Dear readers: I love ANYTHING free. I’m a sucker for extreme thriftiness hahah. And not only was this ice cream free, but it was for a good cause! Double score 🙂

Dairy Queen was handing out FREE oreo blizzards to the first 5,000 people to arrive on the SickKids lawn today! This was in support of the Miracle Treat Day, which is happening tomorrow! The front lawn was transformed into a winter wonderland (fake snow & all) and I was a VERY happy girl with my free ice cream.

If you’re in the mood for ice cream (who isn’t?!) or just feel like being a good person, head to DQ tomorrow – $1 of each blizzard purchased goes to the Children’s Miracle Network, a great organization!


3) My (half) sister & her fiance are visiting from London, England and I’ll get to see them (meet her fiance for the first time!) and their adorable little boy, Jack!

4) My birthday is coming up! Although the real deal is on Monday, I’m having my birthday party with one of my best friends on Saturday night! Woop woop.

5) OKAY so this is the hightlight! I can barely type this as I’m just bursting with excitement. You may or may not know that I am absolutely obsessed with miniature pigs. I have been for years & have always wanted one! (Think cute little Telus pig and not big hog). NO ONE I know has ever had a pig.. and, understandly so. They are a little “unique.” SO, anyway, my mom’s friend’s daughter GOT one a few weeks ago and I get to meet it on Sunday! I’m SO excited. EEEEEEEE.

Have you seen the video of Kristen Bell on Ellen talking about when her husband brought home a sloth for her? It’s seriously the cutest and funniest thing. Check it out here for a good laugh. She completely freaks out and doesn’t know what to do with herself. This is exactly how I picture it going down.

6) Also on Sunday: a big dinner with my & Duncan’s family to celebrate both of our birthdays! His sister will also be returning from Europe, so it’ll be great to catch up with her! 🙂

So, basically, best week ever.


Since this IS a healthy living blog, I ‘spose I should get back to some of my regular content. Although celebrating a really great week is technically an important part of MENTAL health, right?!

I haven’t mentioned it until now on here, but recently I’ve been having some stomach issues. I’m currently being tested for a few things, but have a serious inkling that it’s a food sensitivity, & likely gluten! So, after I took the blood test, I started trying to slowly cut it out of my diet. I haven’t been perfect (why cut it out completely if I don’t know yet for sure?!), but I’ve been really trying to be good 🙂 Apparently it takes three weeks to a month for gluten to get out of your system, so I likely won’t have serious results for a while!

So, on my new journey, I had a sandwich from Druxy’s on gluten-free bread! I think it’s so fantastic that restaurants and fast food chains are starting to cater to different food allergies and sensitivities. Though it’s still very difficult to eat out with allergies and different restrictions, it’s definitely getting better.

My sandwich was actually not horrrrrrible. The bread was just so.. small! It looks kind of pathetic. But if it’s going to make me feel better, I’m all for it! On my sandwich was roasted turkey, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, Havarti cheese + hummus.


I’ve been trying to incorporate other grains into my diet & not rely on gluten-free substitutes (i.e. expensive gluten-free muffins or bread), though there will obviously be times over the next few weeks where I’ll need the convenience of those foods.

Since I won’t be having any regular crackers (which are very necessary for crackers + cheese and crackers + hummus, my favourites!), I purchased some rice, bean + lentil chips that I will try over the comings weeks. I’ve had the rice and lentil crisps before + really liked them 🙂 The bean chips are actually really tasty, too!


Check out these impressive nutrition stats on the Beanitos chips! –

Very minimal + natural ingredients and a ton of protein + fibre! They are actually very filling and great, so long as you can get past the crusty brown appearance of the chips!


Speaking of beans, last night I made some pretty incredible black bean burgers! I based it off the “Better Burger” series from Women’s Health, but went without the carrots (I’m allergic to raw carrots) & substituted with a full yellow bell pepper. They were a little too runny still (sorry, that sounds really nasty), so next time I’ll add some more oats!

These Black Bean Burgers were incredibly easy to make & super, super healthy. Try them out! They’re a great alternative to beef burgers & I love knowing what’s going into my patty!


Of course, I had my burger sans bun and just took this picture of Duncan’s plate!

Last night I did my DISTANCE run for the week in training for the half-marathon I’m doing in the fall. I came home from work & didn’t feel like running. I was tired and wanted to just laze around. I was about to do that, when I got a burst of motivation and decided to JUST DO IT a la Nike. Why put it off? I was going to have to tackle it at some point this week; might as well get it over with! Plus, the weather last night was pretty ideal. I must say, it wasn’t the best run of my life, nor did I feel great doing it.. but I’m happy that I tried! I tackled 9.5 km 🙂 Andddd now my shin splints/stress fractures are starting to come back. I usually wind up with one or the other during training for distance races, & have to cut back to one or two runs/week until it gets better! I’m thinking of trying compression sleeves .. does anyone else have experience with these? I’ve heard good things!

Anddd this post is now officially too long. If there was a word limit, I would be over it. For those of you who have made it this far down the post, thanks for hanging in there 😉 I guess I just have a lot to talk about?

I’m off to cuddle & enjoy the thunderstorm from bed! Love summer storms!!!


A xoxo


  • For those of you who are gluten-sensitive or celiac, what are your favourite meals? And how do you ensure you get enough grains in your life?
  • Fellow runners out there, do you ever get shin splints or stress fractures? If so, how do you manage them? Or try to prevent them in the first place?

4 thoughts on “Best.Week.Ever

  1. I’ve been doing testing for months and my doc now recommends a g free diet aswell. I’m thinking of starting after my bday because i want to eat all the yummy treats still! haha It’s soo hard though, gluten is in SOOOO many things!.. moisturizers, lip gloss.. bleh!

    • Hey fo! Did you get the blood test? If so, did it come back positive? Yes yes definitely start after your birthday, though there are lots of gluten-free cupcakes out there that are actually just as tasty! Hmm.. I didn’t even think about gluten being in cosmetics! Did your doctor suggest you eliminate those as well? Does it have a big effect?

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