Birthday Fun

Hi friends! We’ve got a lot to catch up on. Oh my!

First off, I hope you had a great weekend & had some time to relax. The past week has been a crazy (good) whirlwind of activity! I’ll attempt to sum it up:

Out for Summerliscious at Cafe la Gaffe with great friends-



My new love for buckwheat waffles-


Celebrating Duncan’s 26th birthday on Thursday night! We started off with beers + nachos at Utopia & then headed for dinner at La Carnita, a really funky new Mexican restaurant on College. It’s too hipster-ish to handle.


We both tried the “In Cod We Trust” with voltron sauce (who knows what THAT even means), lime, pickled cabbage, apple + cilantro. It was agreed that they could have been SO much better if the fish wasn’t battered. Yuck. The chicken tacos were much better 🙂



The night finished by enjoying some peanut butter chocolate ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. It was deadly.

Happy Birthday!!! xoxoxoxox


The actual “party” of the birthday celebrations happened all.weekend.long, thanks to Duncan’s friend, Scott, who hosted all of us up at his amazing cottage in Muskoka! It was great to see all the boys together getting rowdy & to spend time as a group! Thanks SO much, Scott!!!

The weekend involved lots of tanning, boating, relaxing beer-drinking, games + observing the antics of boys.

Good times (the PG-13 version)-


This life jacket fit Curtis perfectly-





Annnndd probably the best cake in the world – banana bread cake with cream cheese filling + chocolate icing. Can’t be beat, baby!


A really great weekend to add to the books! 🙂 I’m so happy that I’ve been able to get up to a few cottages this summer; there’s nothing like getting away from the city for a few days. It’s so relaxing & I love the feeling of just being in the moment and not worrying about running around & getting stuff done. It’s so nice to just eat good food, completely relax, spend time with friends & not worry about your “to do” list. SO needed.


Now, I know I said I would start doing the return of “Sunday Planning + Weekly Challenge”, but I must say that this weekend will have to be an exception! I’m a tad bit unorganized & haven’t really had time to plan out our meals this week yet! Sorry I’m not so sorry – it was a fantastic weekend!

Anddd I must be off to get my beauty rest ‘cause this girl had a big night tomorrow.

Birthday celebration numero three! Duncan’s birthday present from me this year…

Tickets to the Coldplay “Mylo Xyloto” concert!!! We have talked about wanting to see Coldplay for years & will finally get to tomorrow night. I CANNOT wait. I’ve heard they’re insanely good live (duh!). I must admit, though, that I wasn’t up to speed on their new album, so I just downloaded it a few days ago :|. Bad fan. Eeek!

Goodnight! Lots of love!

A xoxo


  • What do you love most about weekends away? What kind of trip do you find most relaxing?
  • What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
  • Who would you like to see in concert next?

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