Best Pre-Workout Fuel

Hola amigos! Happy Tuesday! Almostttt at hump day .. almost 🙂 How has the start to your week been?

Before I get to the main “beef” of this post, I have four things for ya:

#1 – I am a FREE woman! NO MORE HEART MONITOR!!! I had that bad boy on for two weeks and won’t miss him at all! I am so excited for the return of the dress and all my other clothes that I wasn’t able to wear with the awkward mess of cables + clunky monitor. As I type this, I realize (this is my sappy side coming out) that I’m actually very lucky to have access to medical equipment like this heart monitor. I’m fortunate to live in a country that has a public, accessible health-care system. So, really, no complaints .. I’m just REALLY excited to be able to wear my summer dresses again! I have one more diagnostic test (an echocardiogram) & then will hear back from the cardiologist about my results! Fingers crossed for some answers.


#2 – This morning I had berries, granola + yogurt for breakfast. I usually stick with flavoured yogurts because I like a lil’ sweetness (hence: my blog name); however, I tried some plain this morning. I spruced it up with a drizzle of maple syrup + a sprinkle of cinnamon, but it still didn’t quite do the trick. Do you eat plain yogurt? If so, do you try to sweeten it up with anything? I’d love to hear your feedback ‘cause I’m going to {eventually} try to stick with the plain stuff (appppparently it has less sugar).


#3 – I did some kind of awesome Pilates YouTube workouts when I got home from work today. Though I, without a doubt, prefer a “real” gym workout (primarily because I get super distracted at home by ringing phones, dust bunnies + the candy cupboard), it is really nice to know that at-home workouts are a definite option for those days when the gym just isn’t a possibility. This first Denise Austin Pilates workout is a little slower paced, but still great (& only 10-minutes long!); the second is a semi-hilarious video of about five tough guys (seriously… they’re in the U.S. Navy!) doing yoga/Pilates .. it’s actually really challenging & effective!

#4 – Tonight I had my first real “Face Time” chat using my new iPhone! Talk about COOL! I absolutely loved being able to see my mom, dad + dog and feel like I was sitting right there in the living room with them <3. The iPhone is seriously competing for my love right now with my real life boyfriend… just kidding… but .. it’s really, really fabulous.


On to the main part of this post – PRE-WORKOUT SNACKS!

Do you have any favourites? I always need some kind of fuel before going for a run or hitting the gym; if I don’t eat something, I never feel like I have enough energy to get me through my workout! The key is to a) find something with the right mix of carbohydrates (65-75%) & protein (35-25%); and b) to eat something that strikes a balance between leaving you with energy but not FILLING you up, which would make for an uncomfortable workout & negate any benefits from calorie-burning (if that’s a goal of yours). Something to also be cautious about is FIBRE – while fibre is our friend 99.430483% of the time, not so much when right before a workout. High-fibre foods may leave you feeling crampy, bloated and gassy when consumed just before workout out. No good.

My personal favourites are a sandwich thin with peanut butter or a banana! Bananas are particularly awesome for pre-workout munchies because they supply a pretty heavy dose of potassium, which is key for regulating muscle function. Because the body cannot store potassium for long, it’s important to maintain a steady supply of it, particularly when we are active! Maintaining potassium/sodium levels is actually something the cardiologist suggested could contribute to my heart palpitations; he said that because I’m so petite & also very active, I likely struggle to maintain enough potassium in my blood stream, which is why I have to drink Gatorade whenever I’m active or in the heat for long periods of time! And I digress…


Other ideas include:

*bowl of cereal

*handful of trail mix

*hummus + flatbread

*yogurt with granola

*cheese + crackers

Check out this FitSugar article for more ideas and information on pre-workout snacks.


Check-in time: How is your water consumption this week? Have you taken on the Sweat for Sweets Weekly Challenge? Are you drinking enough fluids? If you find plain old water boring, what about adding some sliced citrus fruit (lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges, etc), cucumbers, or mint leaves?! My mom & aunt have a great trick of buying flavoured water & then using a 50/50 ratio of the flavoured water with regular.

Today was SO hot in Toronto; we actually broke a record! It was up to 36 degrees (93.2 degrees F for my American friends!) in the city. I was returning my heart monitor to a hospital in the city & literally came back to the office looking like a sweaty disaster. Oh well .. I don’t hate the heat 🙂 just have to stay hydrated!

Let me know how you’re doing & share your tips by commenting below or tweeting using the hashtag #sfsweeklychallenge.

Happy {water} drinking!


A xoxo



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