Sunday Planning + Weekly Challenge

After my post this morning, a wonderful day ensued. The forecast called for rain all morning & afternoon, so I ended up not going to D’s game (bad girlfriend eh?). This meant the pool party with the rest of the soccer team didn’t happen either. Instead, I hung out with my parentals and had a relaxing morning.

One of the best things about being home: FREE berries! YUM. D & I usually only get berries when they are on sale, so I’m very appreciative of all the berry supply at my parents’ house 🙂


Duncan swung by after the game & we were about to head back into the city when we realized that the weather man lied (yet again). We decided to play a game of chicken with the weather gods & stayed outside for as long as possible.

*Amazing BBQ lunch


*An {early} birthday cupcake for the boy!


*Fun in the sun with ma girlz


Thanks for a great day, parentals!


Ok, now onto the real deal: the return of Sunday Planning + Weekly Challenge. For new readers, this is an initiative I started back in April when I first began my blog. It floundered for a bit, but I’ve now decided to bring it back! Every Sunday I’ll be sharing my meal + workout plans for the week, along with a challenge to get you one step closer to your ultimate health. The challenges will be simple steps each of us can take throughout the week, which will hopefully help us form great habits. They won’t all necessarily be nutrition or fitness related, but could be as simple as making sure to do something fun for yourself!



B-mixed berry smoothie

L-buying! we have no lunch food in the house 😦

D-turkey burger with grilled peaches

S-banana with peanut butter; veggies + salsa; crackers + cheese


B-yogurt with berries + granola

L-hummus + flatbread; pear

D-grilled chicken kebabs with pineapple salsa

S-yogurt + fruit; banana + almonds in Greek yogurt


B-strawberry banana smoothie

L-sandwich with bbq pulled chicken + sweet potato; apple

D-out for Summerliscious!

S-pistachios; fruit + nuts


B-oatmeal with banana slices, chia, flax, + almonds

L-cheese + crackers; pear

D-out celebrating the boy’s birthday!

S-pecans + dried cranberries; pretzels with almond butter


off work & then away for the weekend!



M-distance run (up to 8.9k now!)

T- pilates

W- speed run (4.5k)

T- rest

F- weights (focus on: arms + abs)

S- away

S- away


YOUR CHALLENGE (should you choose to accept it): drink WATER. lots + lots of it. Try to have at least one tall glass in the morning, with lunch, in the afternoon, with dinner + in the evening. With all this heat, it’s particularly important to keep hydrated. For those of us who struggle to drink water, there is an app that is downloadable from the Apple store which reminds users to sip up! Check out the “waterlogged” app here.

… and let me know how the challenge goes! Check in on Twitter by using the hashtag #sfsweeklychallenge or leave your comments below! Share your techniques on how you ensure you stay hydrated!

Hope you had a relaxing and lovely weekend.


A xoxo



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