Summer Lovin’

Good morning, loveys! How has your weekend been so far? I love waking up Sunday morning & feeling like I’ve already had a full weekend, but yet have one more day to enjoy the freedom & relaxation. You know what makes the difference for me? I think it’s going out & doing something on Friday night. Sometimes I’m totally NOT in the mood to do anything on a Friday after a long week (which this was), but it really does seem to make a difference in making the weekend feel complete.

So far, this weekend has been full of my favourite classic summer activities. On Thursday night, I went out with girlfriends to do one FINAL goodbye to Kate before she heads off to live a very sophisticated life in Paris. *Sigh* We are already planning a trip over to visit her! I really admire her “ballsy-ness” at going over to live in a foreign city for an adventure. I am kind of jealous & somewhat wish I had the same sense of adventure, but I’m a little more boring I think hahah.


Friday night after work I headed out for dinner to one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto, Cafe Nervosa.

cafe nervosa

I went with some colleagues & spent a few hours chatting away on the awesome patio. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos since I felt a little uncomfortable being a total shutterbug around people that don’t even know about my blog yet! Bloggers out there – do you ever get past this awkwardness? I sometimes feel SO awkward taking pictures of what I’m eating while I’m out. Luckily, Duncan is SO incredibly supportive of this and always encourages me to document our adventures, food, etc. The food at Nervosa was nothing short of amazing. I split two pizzas: one with arugula + prosciutto and the other with potato + rosemary. MMMM goodness.

After dins, Duncan & I rode bikes down to Kerry & Alex’s place for a few bevvies and then we headed out with a big group for a wild night out. Kind of.

Saturday morning, Duncan & I had a teeny bit of a sleep in. Truth: Duncan set his alarm and I turned it off. I feel a little bad, but c’mon.. sometimes you just need to let your body get up when it’s fully rested! Anyone with me on that one?

After spending some time getting over the fact that we had just wasted most of the morning (hehehe), we had some brekkie & then headed to the gym. My workout seemed ultra difficult, which was likely because I was a) tired and b) not at all hydrated (with water, that is). Anyway, this is the strength workout I completed after a 5-minute warm-up on the treadmill:

FULL-BODY BLASTER Time: ~35 minutes
Exercise Weight Reps x Sets
Single-leg deadlifts on bosu ball (SUPER challenging) 10 lb. dumbbells in each hand 10 reps x 2 sets
Exercise ball crunches 20 reps x 2 sets
Hover squats (hold 3-seconds when down) 10 lb. dumbbells in each hand 10 reps x 2 sets
Crunches with legs vertical 25 reps x 2 sets
Tricep Dips 10 reps x 2 sets
Reverse Crunch 20 reps x 2 sets
Reverse Lunges 10 lb. dumbbells in each hand 10 reps x 2 sets
Mountain Climbers 15 reps x 2 sets
Push Ups 6 reps x 2 sets
Side Plank 30 sec. each side
Sad but true: I can’t even do ONE proper push up. Is a health & fitness blogger even allowed to confess to this? I promise I’ll work on it 🙂 I would actually like to improve and be able to do ten full push ups by the end of the summer. I find I have upper body strength in other forms, like bicep curls, triceps dips + rows, but have always found the push up and pull ups a serious crapshoot.
After recovering with chocolate milk + a banana, and showering up, Duncan & I went to a friend’s birthday BBQ. It was awesome to spend some time outside & munching on the amazing spread of food. Plus, seeing their baby boy always makes me so happy; he’s SUCH a cutie.
One BBQ was then followed by another, as we had friends over to Duncan’s parents house (YESSSS pool) to enjoy the backyard and to get away from the heat & noise of the city. We’re so lucky that we’re only 30-minutes away from both of our parents and the calmness of the ‘burbs. Love it. The night was capped off with some phenomenal gelato from my favourite lil’ spot. I had a kiddie cup with salted caramel + banana. A winning combo! I almostttt (really) went back to order seconds.
Today will be spent going to the boy’s soccer game & then ANOTHER pool party (tough life!). Let’s hope the rain holds out!! See you later for a Sunday Planning + Weekly Challenge post 🙂
A xoxo

3 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. I’ll confess I do push-ups on my knees! I could maybe do one full one but I haven’t tried in a while so really need to work on that! Sounds like you’ve had a fantastic weekend so far 🙂 Your friend Kate is pretty gutsy – good for her! When I left Canada, I moved to an English-speaking country. I don’t think I could have moved to France or anything because that would have been way too far outside my comfort zone. Does she speak French or is she planning to learn when she gets there?

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