Summer Want-To-Do List

Happy Saturday, friends! What is everyone up to today? I awoke this morning a little later than usual and feeling sligggghtly groggy and under the weather. Last night we all went out for Kate’s goodbye party. The girl is leaving us for a year to go live in Paris! Not bad, eh? Though I will miss her a ton, it’s CLEARLY an excuse to make another trip over to Europe 😉 Let’s hope I can swing that one.

kates goodbye party

Later in the afternoon, we’re heading to a friend’s pool party & BBQ!

At the very beginning of summer, I put together a “want-to-do” list and I thought now with it being mid-July (eeeek), I’d revisit that list and make sure I’m on track to achieving the summer goals I set –

  • Go swimming as often as possible (thank youuuu parents) – happening on a continual basis 🙂
  • Go up to a cottage (or two or three…) – done! and more cottage weekends to come
  • Go on a weekend trip with my girlfriends (never been done before & needs to change STAT!) – weekend set & in the stages of planning
  • Spend a day picnicking/relaxing on the Toronto Islands – perhaps next weekend?
  • Go to the Beaches!
  • Go to at least one concert (I’m convinced I’m going to find OVO tickets for under $100)
  • Attend this year’s Nuit Blanche (all nighter wooo!)
  • Go to as many patios as possible, including Black Bull, Oasis, South of Temperance, the Drake Hotel Skyyard, Hemmingway’s, Remy’s, Earls, Origin, Local 4, The Bedford Academy, The Artful Dodger + the Beaconsfield. PHEW.
  • Go to a Jay’s game
  • Find a way to go to The Thompson Rooftop & relax by the pool!
  • Make homemade popsicles in funky flavours, including Strawberry-Basil, Peach-Ginger, Banana Peanut + Mojito: INSPIRATION (thanks for the tip, Daina!)
  • Read at least three books – read one (The Glass Castle) & currently working on the second

Looks like there’s a bit of work to be done, but overall I’m on track to achieving my ultimate summer to-dos! What do you want to do by the end of this summer?

I hope the rest of your Saturday, and weekend, is relaxing and wonderful! Before I sign off, I’m going to leave you with an interesting fact courtesy of Women’s Health –


Inneresting eh? I thought I knew a lot about the glycemic index from my various nutrition courses & reading, but I had no idea that the length of cooking time would affect its GI score! By the way, I know I am a complete dweeb for finding this stuff interesting.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


A xoxo


3 thoughts on “Summer Want-To-Do List

  1. Ashmo this post makes me so happy (and a little teary)! Thanks for the amazing send off!! Girls trip to France 🙂

    P.S. I thought the same thing about that Women’s Health fact haha


  2. I love your idea of a want-to-do list. I wish I’d done that before the summer got underway. Maybe I will do one for my birthday later this month, as a “want to do with my life this year” list. All of your popsicle flavors sound amazing, by the way – especially the mojito one!

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