So much excitement!

It’s been a while! There seems to be lots of exciting things going on in the life of Ashley right now (ew I hate when people talk in third person .. I’m so sorry), which may be why I haven’t posted since Monday! Whoooops.

My life lately:

1) Got a new phone! WOOO! I’m really really realllllly pumped about this one. Can you tell? I have had a Blackberry for the past 2.5 years. While it was loved dearly in its early days, its condition started to deteriorate rapidly and it became quite the laughing stock of its other smart phone friends who could actually, ya know, DO things like check the weather, look at a map, etc. Now with my new iPhone 4s, I can basically take over the world. Ha. I kid. But really, it will be nice to actually be able to access Twitter, take some really decent photos, and use other useless entertaining apps!

2) I’ve actually pulled together some birthday plans for Duncan! Shh don’t tell 😉 I’m very much looking forward to celebrating his big day at the end of the month.

3) I GET TOMORROW OFF! Woo. Due to the lovely fortnight friday summer schedule, I will be at my own leisure tomorrow. Yipee! I’ll just pretend that I don’t have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon.

4) I made an incredible smoothie this morning. It’s kind of sinful in that it really is probably more of a dessert than a legitimate breakfast, but I dun’ care. It was absolutely deeeelish and it actually kept me satisfied until about 11 AM (a HUGE feat).

Try it out for yourself (BE BAD!)

Protein Dessert Smoothie: chocolate milk, chocolate protein powder, generous scoop of peanut butter, banana + a few scoops of plain yogurt.


5) Last night Duncan & I made a dinner that had SUCH potential to be mind blowing. Usually I don’t post anything on here unless I’m truly impressed, but since I think this one really could be a 10/10 if only for a few adjustments, I’m going to go ahead a link to it!

Yogurt-Spiced Chicken With Grilled Tomato Kabobs (click on picture to follow link)

Yogurt-Spiced Chicken With Grilled Tomato Kabobs

The only alteration I’ll make next time is to marinade the chicken overnight (I only did so for about 30-minutes) & to actually make about double the marinade the recipe calls for for ultra flavour & tenderness 🙂

Unfortunately no pictures were taken of the dish (just in case you thought the photo above was a Sweat for Sweets original ;)), as Duncan & I ate SUPER late and were outside!

FACT: something I absolutely LOVE about dinners in the summer time is that I can slack off a bit & pass off my work to the boy 😉 I choose to not know how to barbeque and so, by default, Duncan is forced into doing all of the grilling! Tough life.

Hope your week has been fabulous so far! Good night loves!


A xoxo


3 thoughts on “So much excitement!

      • The spinach makes it a pretty gross color, but I honestly can’t taste it. And bonus? My girls don’t ask me to share with them due to the color. Win!

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