(Not A) Case of the Mondays

Hey sweet things! I’m fading fast here, so this is going to be an ultra-swift posting (hope you don’t mind! ;))

How was your Monday? I know it’s often the most hated day of the week, but I actually kind of like it. That’s right. I said it. I LIKE MONDAYS. Perhaps just a bit strange, but I honestly feel like it’s such a fresh start to the week. Today was particularly noteworthy because I’m on a kick to start getting to work earlier. Then again, I do have a small (maybe medium) part of me that hates Mondays since, ya know, it’s the day furthest away from the weekend.

Anywayyyy.. I have TWO, new fabulous recipes for you guys! But first, check out this insane b-fast:


Rye toast with almond butter, two scrambled eggs w. shredded cheddar + a whole orange! This took some serious dedication (especially on a Monday!). I must say, though, that I need to give myself enough time in the morning to sit down to a good breakfast. I can’t “grab + go” anything .. I need to relax for a bit, wake up & spend a good 10-minutes slowwwwlllyyy easing into the day. Some people simply don’t need this time, while I’ve heard of others taking time to do a full meditation + stretch first thing every morning. Regardless of how you choose to spend it, I do think it’s really beneficial to take at least five minutes to yourself in the morning to read the paper, sip some tea or coffee, or at least have a satisfying breakfast.

Now, moving on, or rather… rewind –

Last night, Duncan’s parents came over for dinner & a tried a new salmon recipe that I’ve been excited to share ever since first bite!


The recipe was out of Best Health and is called Maple Salmon with Zucchini. I followed my own recipe for the veggies + ended up baking the salmon (the recipe calls for grilling). Here’s the dealio:

Maple Salmon

-Serves: 4


  • Salmon fillet (enough for four people)
  • Juice from lemon
  • 1/4 cu1 maple syrup
  • 1 tsp each vegetable oil + sesame oil
  • 2 tsp chopped fresh dill
  • 1 small lemon


1) Combine 1 tbsp lemon juice with maple syrup & dill + brush over salmon. Season with a little salt + pepper.

2) Slice lemon thinly – arrange overtop of fillet

3) Grill or bake to your heart’s content!


This recipe definitely tasted more of lemon + dill than of maple syrup, which was a nice little change around here!

Dessert last night was President’s Choice Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches. Everyone managed to be satisfied with just a half sandwich, but I went for the full thing! Hey, you’ve gotta feed a sweet tooth! 😉PC The Decadent Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich


Recipe numero deux to share with you today is a great monster salad I just whipped together for dinner!


Honey Dijon Chicken Salad

In the mix: mixed greens, chicken breast (marinated with a honey garlic sauce), quinoa, sliced apples, cashews + dried cranberries. I tried out this honey mustard vinaigrette from Canadian Living + was NOT disappointed.


In other news, I attempted my first run outdoors in a while today. My half-marathon training schedule brings me up to 6.7km for my long run this week! Woo. Almost at 21… right? right? I’m still taking it easy after last week, but am slowly building up my confidence! My ran today took 42 minutes, which is okay for me (all things considering!).. but I’d like to quicken the pace eventually!

I hope your Monday was fab!


A xoxo


  • What is your favourite and least favourite day of the week?
  • Do you take time to yourself in the morning? If so, what do you do? If not, would you like to start?

One thought on “(Not A) Case of the Mondays

  1. I have been trying to like Mondays more but they are still my least favorite. My favorite is Sunday 🙂
    I do, I am a morning person and set my alarm about 15 mins early so I can take my time and enjoy it.
    Love those ice cream sandwiches, soo yummy! I would not be able to just have half either!

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