Thursday night, Duncan & I went out with our friends Kerry & Alex for dinner and drinks. We have this good double date mojo going where we go out (probably once every two weeks) & try a different restaurant every time. There are SO many restaurants in Toronto & I feel like one is popping up every week! The pick this week was Pizza Libretto! Pizza Libretto is well-known in Toronto for serving up (arguably) the best pizza in the city – “Real Neapolitan Pizza certified by the VPN.” Who knew pizza could even be certified?! Anyway, the stuff is GOOD. But, before we could sit down, there was about a 45-minute wait. What to do when you’re starving but have to wait for food?… drinks!

We ended up going to Hawker Bar, which is a funky little spot on the Ossington strip. The place is a total hipster’s dream. The stools are made from pieces of log, the menus are written by hand on pieces of cardboard & the vibe is really laid back … yet .. paradoxically, drinks are still pricey. Onlyyyy in hipster-ville.


I got a delicious cocktail (“Fresh Material”) with gin, soda, cucumber, lime + mint. It was very similar to my best friend, the mojito, but actually a bit more refreshing! Another drink to add to the summer rotation 🙂

After relaxing for a bit, we headed back to Libretto for a feast.


In classic Duncan & Ashley-spirit, we each got pizzas & then split them! Score! I love being able to sample as much as possible.

My pizza was the JAM. On it was Ontario prosciutto, arugula, garlic, tomato, oregano & shaved grana padano. It was so so delicious. I’m going to attempt to re-create this at home!


Duncan’s pizza was also a bit hit – duck confit, bosc pear + mozzarella –


All in all, another successful double date night!



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