All Of My Favourite Things

This weekend there seemed to be quite a few of my favourite things thrown into the mix! This includes my favourite recipe (see below), my best friend’s birthday party (always a good time!), & pretty much an ideal summer Saturday!

Friday night after work, I came home & did a quick workout (still doing the Women’s Health Beach Body Workout) at our gym, showered, & then started crafting my favourite recipe EVER. I’m so excited to share this one with you guys, as it’s been my favourite dish for a few years now (I can’t believe I haven’t written about it yet!). It’s the perfect summer dinner & is super healthy and easy to prepare.


Salmon with Blueberry Mango Salsa! You can find the recipe on the website here. I usually make double the salsa as I like a lot of it scooped on top of the salmon fillets! ‘Mo mango = ‘mo yum.


After eating this amazing-ness, Duncan & I headed out to my best friend’s birthday party! I actually started chocking for air when we were heading out & it actually hit me how old my friends & I are turning this year. Not that 24 is old, per say, it’s just that time friggin’ flies too fast and I don’t like it!

Anyway.. it was a fantastic night had by all! Happy Birthday Lisa! xoxox




We woke up on Saturday morning a little later than usual & one of us was feeling a little under the weather. Not sayin’ who, though! 😉 Nevertheless, the beautiful weather needed some attention, so we headed out for an adventure day in the city!

We walked along Queen West, did some shopping & searching for pieces for our apartment (we want to find some ‘rough’ antiques & fix them up!) and just relaxed. We stopped in at Nadege, a pastry shop that I’ve been wanting to check out for a whole! Of course, macaroons had to be tried.


Chai + mojito flavours! Mmm mm.


After dessert, we decided it would be a mature move to get a real lunch. The answer? Fresh! Fresh is an AMAZING vegetarian restaurant. I highly recommend it!

I got a veggie wrap with sweet potato, roasted red pepper, sprouts, onion, spinach, pesto + hummus. On the side, kale slaw 🙂


After lunch, we headed to the Trinity Tuck Shop, rented a blanket + got some homemade popsicles (I got key-lime mojito + Duncan got raspberry lemonade). The rest of the afternoon was literally spent watching the clouds + just relaxing in the park. Ahhh. How every summer weekend should be spent 🙂



This morning, I had a nice sleep in & lounged around reading some of my favourite blogs. After deciding it was time to do something with my life, I went to the gym. After warming up on the treadmill with a 25-minute interval run (still taking it reaallllly easy to see how I feel), I did the following full-body workout:

Full-Body Fat Blaster
Complete the following exercises back-to-back with no rest in between.
Side plank 1 minute 10 seconds (each side)
Kickback circles 34 reps each leg (random, I know)
Squats 30lb. x 10 reps
Side-leg kicks (all fours) 17 reps each leg (w. five-pound ankle weights)
Double Straight-Leg Lowers 14 reps (w. five-pound ankle weights)
Fire Hydrant 17 reps each leg (w. five-pound ankle weights)
Lateral Raise with Bent Elbows 5lb. x 12 reps
Side-leg kicks (leg stays extended) (all fours) 17 reps each leg (w. five-pound ankle weight)
Alternating hammer curls 15 lb. x 6 reps (each arm)
Lying side leg lifts 34 reps each leg
Shoulder press 15lb. x 6 reps
Lying side leg circles 34 circles each leg
Sit ups 140 reps (2 sets of 70 crunches)
TOTAL TIME: 25 minutes

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, running errands + having Duncan’s parents over for dinner! I love having semi-productive days sometimes 😉

How was your weekend?


A xoxo


One thought on “All Of My Favourite Things

  1. I’m 24 now too, and I seriously wonder how on earth I got here. Wasn’t I just eighteen yesterday? lol Looks like a lovely weekend!

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