Count Your Blessings

Hi friends! Sorry I’ve been a little m.i.a lately! I pinky swear that I’ve got a good excuse, though! (more on that later).

How was your weekend? I hope you were able to get outside & enjoy some great weather! It really does feel like the official beginning of summer here, which makes me really giddy. BRING ON THE HEAT!

Some highlights of this past weekend –

*Relaxing breakfast with my new mason jar mug that I’m a little overly enthusiastic about! Isn’t it so cute?!


*Macaroons at MoRoCo Chocolat in Yorkville. This place is so adorable. It’s got a bakery/store as well as a full restaurant with a whimsical-looking patio inspired by Alice in Wonderland. You better believe that I had to sample some of these ‘roons! I opted for Caramel Apple & Red Velvet. Both were disgustingly good, but I did prefer the Red Velvet a bit, which further confirms that I’m not a huge fan of fruit-flavoured macaroons.




*My hot date. We were supposed to be joined by another friend, but she wasn’t able to make it. We missed you, Vic!


*I was feeling daring & went with RED VELVET pancakes. I know that sounds kind of sickening, but they were beyond-this-world amazing. And that white stuff on the side? Not your standard whipped cream; it was cream cheese whipped cream, which obviously upped the amazing factor to inconceivably high levels. The strawberries on the side are pretending to make this breakfast the slightest bit healthy.



*Following an amazing brunch outside in the sun with my best friend, Duncan & I met up for some shopping & then a casual beer at Hemmingways, a restaurant/bar with a great second floor patio!


*To continue on the culinary adventure, we headed for some fro yo. I’m not sure if there has been an influx of frozen yogurt shops opening recently in your area, but in Toronto there seems to be  a new one opening every week! The trend is self-serve, soft-serve frozen yogurt with a whole bunch of toppings. The boy & I are both big fro-yo keeners, so I’ve decided to start a FRO-YO SHOW DOWN & review each one that we visit throughout the summer!

First up is YoYo’s Yogurt Cafe.


YoYo’s is one of the lesser-known frozen yogurt options in Toronto, but I must say that it’s a hidden gem! Here’s how it rates on the scales:

  • Flavours:7.5/10 (very unique flavours, such as pink lemonade + green tea, but not so much selection)
  • Toppings:9/10 (great variety of toppings + fresh fruit!)
  • Yogurt Quality:8/10 (dairy-free options; all yogurt is fat-free; full nutrition information is listed beside each yogurt flavour)
  • Overall Experience: 9.5/10 (friendly staff; nice patio out front)

TOTAL – 34/40 = 85%

All in all, a fantastic experience! I especially love that YoYo’s lists the nutrition information, including ingredients list + calories, fat, sugar, etc. My only complaint was that my yogurt (pink lemonade + original tart) was a little more sorbet-ish than I would have liked! I prefer thick & creamy, but this was definitely more water-based; however, Duncan went with classic chocolate & vanilla and his was FANTASTIC!

{I’ve decided to not rate any of the frozen yogurt locations on price since they are all very similar. A bowl of fro yo can range between $3-$12, depending on how much lovin’ you put in there}


After suffering a sugar coma, Duncan & I had a nice, easy dinner and I headed out to a girlfriend’s place for a casual night on her patio with our other friends. It was such a great time! Thanks for having us, Kel!


Sunday was spent celebrating father’s day at my parents’ house! It was so nice to have a full, relaxed day & evening with them. I always feel that my visits are so rushed, so it was nice to feel that I had good long quality time. Happy (now belated) Father’s Day! xoxo. I feel so lucky to have such an incredible dad & to also live so close to be able to spend such important occasions with him!


Now, for all your curious Caroline’s out there, you’re probably wondering why I have titled this post “Count Your Blessings.” Well, over the past few days I’ve been having some issues with my heart (palpitations). I’ve had a ton of tests done & everything serious has been ruled out – *phew* I’m having some follow-up testing done tomorrow to figure out what’s going on, but it’s certainly reassuring to know that nothing traumatic is going on! The doctors I saw yesterday think it is an arrhythmia. I’ve had issues with my heart since I was 13-years-old, so this isn’t anything completely new to me or anything, but I always have to be cautious when I have any kind of “episode”. It’s so much better to check it out & have peace of mind rather than wondering if something really serious is going on. So, for that reason, I’ve been taking it easy today & have not done anything remotely close to physical activity over the past few days. Seriously, I haven’t even left the apartment hahah!

Anyway, the point I just wanted to bring up is that this experience, though very minor compared to what many others have gone through, reminds me of the importance of not taking anything for granted, especially our health! Without our health, we are very limited. Incidences like this hammer home how crucial it is for me to take care of myself & reminds me of WHY I place such an importance of eating healthy & keeping fit. More importantly, it makes me think of how lucky I am to have such an incredible life & support system.

So the moral of the story: don’t take any moment or any day for granted. Live in the present & enjoy what you have. Everything around us is a gift 🙂

— and now I will stop being so mushy!

I’m off to get some good rest. Have a great night!


A xoxo


3 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re okay Ashley! Thank you for the reminder of counting our blessings… it’s so easy to get caught up in things and forget to do that sometimes.

  2. Glad to hear you are getting everything checked out by doctors!
    I am excited to read about your the FRO YO SHOWDOWN!! I am behind the times and am just starting to get into the self serve frozen yogurt thing 🙂

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