Best Salad EVER

Happy Friday! Woooo. What are your plans for the weekend? For once in what seems like a gajillion years, I don’t have any plans tonight. It’s kinda nice, actually. I’m definitely one of those people who needs some time alone just hanging out & relaxing in order to, as my dad would say, “charge my batteries.”  🙂 As for the rest of the weekend…. tomorrow morning I’m catching up with two of my best friends/roommates from university over brunch, spending the afternoon running some errands & then going out with my high school girlfriends at night! Basically, a girly day 🙂 Sunday will be spent relaxing with my faja in honour of Father’s Day!

Highlights of my Friday…

*At work we will now be having a fortnight Friday off schedule! Meaning, if we put in enough extra hours during the week, we get every other Friday as our own (during the summer)! Soo nice.

*Buying my first batch (is that the correct word? it sounds kinda bake-ish to me) of Ontario strawberries! These babies actually SMELL like strawberries, unlike the kind imported from Brazil in the winter. Teehee 😉


*Using my first Hello Kitty band aid. Hahah. I guess this one is kind of a good & bad thing at the same time. I cut my toe (boo), but was really happy to be able to use my first of these adorably cute band aids made for three-year-olds! Yay for liking childish things!


After work, I came home & headed to the gym to complete a new workout plan I’ve been doing for the past week or so. Right now I’m doing training runs 3x/week (in preparation for my first half in October!) & weights 3x/week. On the two days that I’m doing weights, I’ve been doing this Bikini Body routine from Women’s Health. It’s been interesting for me to actually incorporate a plan like this into my routine as I normally switch up my weight exercises every.single.time. I wonder if I’ll see different results sticking to one thing for a month? Does anyone else have experience with that?

Anyway, after the gym I lazed around for a bit (ahh Fridays with no committments) & then made the BEST salad I’ve ever had in my entire life. It was heaven. I know this all sounds very dramatic, but, it’s true. It was also my first time using cabbage. I felt kind of ridiculous buying cabbage at the store because it basically looks like a purple bowling ball & weighs about 10 pounds. It actually would make a good medicine ball. I digress…

ANYWAY, in this best-salad-ever…



Spinach, roasted turkey (chopped), sprouts, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, broccoli, cabbage, corn, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, cashews, aged white cheddar, cilantro, cracked black pepper + asian sesame vinaigrette. I absolutely hate (strong word, I know) raw broccoli, so I ended up sauteeing it in olive oil along with the red pepper (for allergy purposes .. I’m allergic to raw peppers, but can have them cooked), corn, cilantro + a lil’ lime juice.

YUM YUM YUM. This best-salad-in-the-world was consumed while watching the Housewives of Vancouver in my fleece housecoat. Ohhh yee 🙂

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!


A xoxo


One thought on “Best Salad EVER

  1. Bon weekend! I have to stick with a workout plan otherwise I go off and do random things and I find that just doesn’t work for me. Let me know how you get on with the women’s health bikini plan, I’m always looking for suggestions! My mom does the alternate Fridays off thing (it worked so well and everyone loved it that they carried it on into the rest of the year!) and it was one of the most important things to her when she was looking for a new position in Feb – luckily her new place does it too! It sounds awesome! I’d love every second Friday off! I bet you’ll hardly notice a little extra time on the other days 🙂

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