What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Belgium? Waffles? Chocolate? Beer? Me too.

After spending three nights in Belgium, I can say that many of all three were consumed 🙂 Mmm. Duncan & I spent one night in Bruges (yes, THE Bruges from the Colin Farrell movie, “In Bruges”) and two nights in Brussels. Both were great, but we definitely preferred Bruges. Once you get past the obnoxiously touristy areas and out to the “real” Bruges, it’s such a quaint, beautiful medieval town.

Some of my favourite moments in Bruges –








In Brussels, we further enjoyed more waffles, beer + chocolate, but against a much more urban backdrop. It was particularly interesting to see the EU. Duncan & I often thought “what crisis?”, as we saw park after park filled with suits relaxing & sipping on beer from around noon-2 PM. Ahh sigh 🙂 Also, there is a very famous statue of a little boy peeing that is just marvelled at in this city. We found this to be quite humorous. Since this statue was erected several decades ago, many imitators have popped up around the city. Duncan & I had a fun time spotting these imposter “peeing” statues.

Favourites from Brussels –










Other highlights of Brussels included the Brussels Beer Tour, the Rene Magritte museum & Delerium Bar, which is insanely fun + reportedly holds the official Guinness World Record for the largest number of beer variety served (something in the thousands). Needless to say, it would be quite impossible to try all the different types, but fun to make a dent in the list ;)!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these trip recaps so far! Stay tuned for the final one – France!

Have a great night!


A xoxo


  • Have you ever been to Belgium? If so, what was your favourite town/city to visit?

3 thoughts on “Belgium

  1. I’ve heard that a lot of people prefer Bruges to Brussels. I’ve not been to either, so jealous again of your lovely trip. The pictures are great! 🙂

  2. I think of Beer first when I think of Belgium. I’ve never been, but I want to go so badly! I toured Germany and Austria a few summers ago and was told that I needed to make a trip to Belgium when I have the chance…it is definitely on my list!

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