Happy Mother’s Day!


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! To all mothers out there – I hope that you had a wonderful, relaxing day. I truly believe that mothers have the most important (& often most difficult) job in the world. Mothers are so so so incredibly special + they deserve AT LEAST one day to celebrate all of their amazing-ness! My day was spent having some quality time with my wonderful Mommy. Every minute was enjoyed together 🙂 I’m very lucky to have such an incredible Mom, with whom I have such a tight relationship with. She’s ALWAYS there for me and is so caring + understanding. I love you Mama!


The day began bright & early as my Dad & I whipped up a special Mother’s Day breakfast! Breakfast/brunch is my dad’s speciality & he’s absolutely amazing at just whipping up pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc .. anything & everything! Basically, he did all the cooking as I chopped up a few apples & then sat there lookin’ pretty hahah ;).

My dad makes THE best French toast in the world. His secret ingredient? Can’t tell ya!


After a tasty brunch with the fam, my Mom & I headed out to a Zumba class at her gym! It was a ton of fun. I LOVE the music + energy omitted by the instructors. It’s also a fun way to kick up your Sunday morning 😉 However, I must say, I’m not a HUGE fan of group exercise classes in general. I think they’re great for people who like to socially exercise & who need that scheduled exercise time to get them motivated. Don’t get me wrong, group exercise classes can be phenomenal and I’m not bashing them! Personally, I usually prefer to do my own thang though!


Love watching middle-aged women shake their bootays 😉

After showering & having a quick bite to eat, my Mom & I went for a relaxed stroll downtown and went shopping. It was so nice to have a full afternoon together (often a rarity!). Some highlights –


MINI Tom’s! Full disclosure: I am absolutely OBSESSED with miniature forms of adult shoes (like Uggs, keds, Nike Frees, etc.). I secretly want to start a collection of mini shoes, but feel it may be a little creepy.


Another gem: the smallest car in creation. This little dink is MUCH smaller than a smartcar. I totally wasn’t prepared for this shot but scrambled hard to snap a picture!

Looks like it was a miniature kinda day 🙂

After spending the afternoon strolling around downtown, my Mom, Dad & I all went out for a lovely dinner. Other than the fantastic company, the highlight of the event was ….



Thanks for taking us out to dinner Pops!

I’m now back home in the big smoke, relaxing + reminiscing on the weekend! I feel like I may be coming down with a cold (headache + sore throat are hanging out with me right now), so I am definitely hitting the hay early tonight!

In terms of the weekly meal plan, I think this week we’re going to be wingin’ it (WEIRD, I know!). We’re leaving for our big Euro trip on Friday, so I don’t really want to get a whole ton at the grocery store. I hope you can forgive me 🙂

The workout plan for the week looks like this:

Workouts – Week of May 14, 2012

M – weights

T – rest day (15-min. stretch)

W – cardio

T– weights

F – cardio

S – walking around the canals of Amsterdam 😉

S –hmmm.. let’s see .. possibly riding bikes in Amsterdam 😉

Your challenge this week– should you choose to accept it – is to try a new kind of workout! Whether it’s yoga, Pilates, spinning, kickboxing, CrossFit, barre, HIIT intervals… the possibilities are endless! Just try to get out there & do something different. It will activate your muscles in different ways & keep you from getting in an exercise lull! Please feel free to share your experiences with different kinds of exercise classes or workout routines below! 🙂

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Have a restful night!


A xoxo


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