Greek Yogurt Connoisseur

Aloha! Happy Monday! How has the start to your week been?

Even though most people are Monday-haters, I must say that I kinda like it. It’s a fresh start & I love looking forward to what the week holds. Does that make me weird?

This morning I tried a new product from the President’s Choice line (my obsession) – the Blueberry & Pomegranate 2% Greek yogurt. I’ve tried the 0% Greek yogurt from PC and was left a little disappointed, so I wasn’t really expecting much. This, though, is sooo delicious + creamy. The flavour also tastes real, whereas I find others can taste a little too synthetic. And it’s amazing the difference in creaminess/overall taste between 0% and 2% … pass the full fat over to me baby! 😉


The nutrition stats are pretty darn impressive too! A good dose of calcium + 14g of protein! That’s insanity! (let’s just not talk about the 19g of sugar, k?).


This was enjoyed with blueberries + HolyCrap!

Lunch today was also a new exciting creation! Protein-packed sandwich: scrambled egg, roast turkey, mixed greens, goat cheese + sundried tomato pesto on a whole-wheat thin. This baby kept me full for ALMOST the entire afternoon (FYI that’s a miracle. I usually can’t make it to 3 without the munchies!) This sandwich would also be phenomenal with avocado (I’m allergic + so can just admire them from afar)! Try it out & let me know how you like it 🙂


Speaking of munchies…

You know how I made a comment a few weeks ago about how my office is haunted with treats?

THIS is what I mean:


And really, this isn’t by any means a record number of treats for us. I enjoyed a chocolate-chip cookie with my sandwich 🙂 They were lactose-free, though, which was kinda weird.

Dinner tonight was a MONSTER salad. Doesn’t that sound intense? All it involved was grabbing every possible item in the house that could potentially be mixed into a salad, throwing it all into a massive bowl + then consume until I could no longer could.

In the mix – organic spinach, organic mixed greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, clementine, pecans, dried cranberries + sunflower seeds, drizzled with maple balsamic dressing


Today’s workout was a good one. I honestly wasn’t feeling it on my way up, but forced myself to just DO IT (Nike styles ;)). Really .. if I listened to myself every time I wasn’t in the mood for a workout, I would probably go half as much as I do. Sometimes the body just needs that push & it’s ever-so-thankful afterwards.

Today’s workout was an AB BURNER. I started with 5-minutes on the elliptical, then went into the following exercises with NO REST in between.


  • Plank – 1 minute
  • Side Planks – 30 seconds each side
  • Side Plank Crunches – 10 reps each side
  • Lat Pulldown – 40lb. x 15 reps
  • Tricep Extension on Bosu Ball – 15 lb. x 15 reps
  • Bicep Curls on Bosu Ball – 10 lb. x 15 reps
  • Yoga Plank – 1 minute
  • Squats on Bosu Ball – 25 lb. dumbbells in each hand (50lb. total) x 15 reps
  • Ab Leg Drop – 24 reps
  • Hammer Curls on Bosu Ball – 10 lb. x 15 reps
  • Shoulder Press on Bosu Ball – 10 lb. x 15 reps
  • Crunches – 135 (divided into one set of 70 & a second of 65)
  • Jumping Lunges – 10 reps

TIME: 35 minutes

I really liked breaking up the traditional ab moves with various arm exercises on the bosu ball. Trying to balance the body on that thing REALLY does work the abs. I can hardly handle it with the flat side down (aka the easier way), I don’t know how those people gracefully balance with the round side down.

UMMMM.. check this dude out. Intense, oui?

I also find these two quite humorous, having the time of their lives on those bosu balls.

After the gym, I did some laundry, spent some time with the boy + chatted on the phone with one of my girlfriends. Good night 🙂

Anyway, hope you had a great start to the week + are enjoying your evening!

Nighty night!


A xoxo


  • What are your favourite sandwich combos? I love to share!
  • Are you a fan of Greek yogurt?

6 thoughts on “Greek Yogurt Connoisseur

  1. I like Greek yogurt but only in other things like dips, not so much on its own. It’s a bit… sour? for me. But then I don’t like regular yogurt either. I don’t eat sandwiches very often any more, but cheese on toast with Worcestershire sauce is my absolute favourite. So amazing!

  2. I love Greek yogurt, and the only brand I like is Chobani. For me, not only are they delicious, but the factory is local!

  3. Never seen this brand anywhere – will have to keep my eye out! Just started eating 2% instead of 0% Greek yogurt, and I agree with you fervently on the merits of fat here. Stunningly good.

    Have you ever tried “Siggi” Icelandic yogurt? Really my absolute favorite obsession of late.

    Nice post on PB Fingers! That’s so cool that you volunteer – very noble of you. 🙂


    • Are you from the U.S.? President’s Choice is only available in Canada as far as I know!

      Ooo I have never tried Siggi but have seen it, so I’ll have to pick it up one day! Thanks for the advice 🙂

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