So many activities!

I know, I know.. weekend recap & the weekend isn’t even over yet! Pathetic!  I’m writing this post from the train on the way back to the BIG SMOKE after spending the weekend at my parents’ place.

It’s been a while since we’ve met, so let’s catch up! There are lots of fun festivities to discuss 🙂

First of all, I had the BEST salad on Thursday.. so I’ve gotta start with that!


Although it may not look like anything special, this baby was incredible!!! In the mix – spinach, mixed baby greens, roasted chicken breast, beets, dried cranberries, candied pecans, goat cheese + maple balsamic dressing.

Thursday night Duncan & I went out for dinner with our good friends Kerry & Alex to the “best Thai in Toronto.” This place is SO good that people line up for it .. outside .. in the rain. Yep. Khao San Road doesn’t take reservations, but luckily when we showed up we were given a time to come back at, so we were able to grab drinks at another spot before dinner. I had a chicken pad thai and it was tasty-liscious! However, I don’t know if I’d be willing to wait outside in the rain for two hours for it 😉


Friday, I came home to my parentals place & had a lovely night out with my best girlfriends from high school. After spending about 1232198 hours trying to find a place to eat, we settled on grabbing something quick at Whole Foods. DAMN, their pizza is amazing. After a yummy & super fast dinner, we went to see Five Year Engagement. It was a great movie .. a good mix of humour & true-to-life relationship issues. Emily Blunt did a PHENOMENAL job! It was so nice to see her in a role that involved laughing and smiling 🙂 Of course, the movie was enjoyed with a bag of popcorn. I absolutely CANNOT go to a movie without getting a snack. I once did it… it won’t happen ever again.


Fast forward to Saturday … I went for an amazing run in the morning. I must say, running in the ‘burbs is A LOT nicer than running downtown. There’s so much nature to be seen! It’s also a lot more soothing. Given that I’m not training for anything right now (& am still getting over my injuries), I decided to have a relaxed run that took me by the lake & through some of the most beautiful neighbourhoods. I was gone for about 55 mins and covered a little less than 10k.

After the run, my mom & I went to see a quilt show that Duncan’s mother was a part of. She works SO incredibly hard on her quilts & had so much passion for quilting, so it was awesome to see it all in action! There were soo many quilts from tons of different artists, but I must say that Duncan’s moms were BY FAR my favourite! Duh 😉

Here are some gems:


My madre

Afterward, my mom & I hung out at Starbucks and did a little shopping. We returned home bag-less, but that’s probably a good thing.. I guess.. sigh.

Last night, we celebrated CINCO DE MAYO! Even though Duncan & I have absolutely no Mexican blood in either of our families, we thought it would be a good excuse to break out some good ol’ Mexican food! We made some DEE-LISCIOUS steak tacos (in part because of Duncan’s dad’s pro grilling skills). Of course, Mexican food cannot be enjoyed without a Corona! 😉



We followed the recipe from “Tacos de Carne Asada” recipe from Glamour.

After dins, we headed down to the lake to see the moon at its largest in however many years (astronomy flies right over my head… pun intended). We lucked out with it being both a harvest & a full moon. I attempted to take pictures, but as you can see, my skills are seriously lacking. I swear it’s just my camera 😉



This morning, I woke up bright & early to watch Duncan’s soccer game. Let me tell ya… waking up EALIRER on a Sunday than I do during the week does not make me a happy girl. However, I shortly got over my grumpyness when I got a tea (Timmy’s!) & was able to take in all the beautiful sunshine. Duncan’s team won (as per usual) – yayyyyy!!! I love going to watch his games, especially when the other girlfriends & wives are also cheering on the sidelines!

Following the game, we hung out on the yard, soaking in the sun shine & playing with my little ball of love.

She just plants herself RIGHT on him & doesn’t care WHICH direction her butt faces. Classy lady ;). She also arches her back as she gets massaged, sticks out her tongue & looks SO PROUD.



I’m a little obsessed 🙂

Now, I sit on the train on the way back to my home sweet home 🙂 I’m looking forward to doing some yoga, relaxing in the sun, doing some g-shopping (grocery teehee) & then going for a MASSAGE. Yep. I can’t wait! A few months ago, my hair salon had a promotion where if you purchased a gift cart for salon services (which I get anyway…), you received a spa gift card for the same amount! Since my hair cut & colour is an obscene amount (I don’t want to talk about it), let’s just say I can afford a few – essentially free – massages 😉

Hope you all enjoy what’s left of this beautiful weekend!


A xoxo


  • Do you prefer going for runs in urban or rural settings?
  • Have you ever waited a ridiculously long time to eat at a “hip” restaurant?

6 thoughts on “So many activities!

  1. Yay for the Timmy’s! Sounds like a lovely weekend!

    That promotion at your salon is awesome. Considering how much it costs to get my hair done, I’d love to have an equal amount to spend in massages. Sweet!

    I would love to run in the country but we live in a town, so I run on reasonably main roads. For safety reasons, too, I suppose this isn’t such a bad thing. 🙂

      • I have a t-shirt that my friend gave me when I moved over here that says ‘Gimme my Timmy’s and Nobody Gets Hurt!’. I wear it to yoga sometimes (though it’s a bit aggressive for yoga, lol) and I’m sure no one has a clue what on earth it is there either!

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