Sunday Planning + Weekly Challenge

I was such a lazy girl tonight. After walking around all day & enjoying the sun, I was feeling like a dooozy. So, instead of making a gourmet Sunday dinner, I relied on the help of some convenient friends, like canned soup 😉

We tried Baxter’s Sweet Potato + Lentil soup & had it along side mixed greens, flatbread and hummus. It was seriously delish. Though the sodium content is less than sunny, the ingredients are all natural & there is quite a bit of fibre in the soup (thanks to a hearty amount of lentils!). Try it out & let me know whatcha think!

Here’s the meal plan for the week:

Meals – Week of April 30, 2012


Dinner: sweet potato-lentil soup, mixed greens + flatbread with hummus


Breakfast: smoothie with frozen berries, chia + flax seeds, skim milk, + strawberry Greek yogurt

Lunch: spinach salad with black beans, nuts, mandarin oranges + balsamic vinaigrette

Dinner: out!

Snacks: diced watermelon, pear


Breakfast: pumpkin banana oatmeal

Lunch: pulled bbq chicken sandwich with sweet potato; apple

Dinner: out! (celebrating our live-a-versary ;))

Snacks: “the energizer” smoothie, Greek yogurt with kashi cereal



Breakfast: strawberry banana smoothie

Lunch: grilled chicken salad with baby spinach, beets, dried cranberries, walnuts, goat cheese + balsamic vinaigrette

Dinner: pasta with veggies

Snacks: yogurt with berries, raw veggies + string cheese



Breakfast: oatmeal with banana slices, almonds, peanut butter + chia seeds

Lunch: hummus + fb; blackberries

Dinner: out!

Snacks: smoothie, raw veggies with salsa, crackers + cheese


Breakfast: smoothie with mixed berries, Greek yogurt, banana + mango juice

Lunch: out with co-workers

Dinner: salmon with roasted broccoli + pear, arugula, walnut & parmesan salad

Snacks: apple, yogurt


Workouts – Week of April 30, 2012

MONDAY– rest (15-mins of stretching @ home)

TUESDAY– weights

WEDNESDAY – cardio

THURSDAY– yoga @ home

FRIDAY – weights

SATURDAY – cardio

SUNDAY – weights

In addition to the “Sunday Night Planning” tradition, I’m going to start posting a challenge every Sunday night. The challenge will be a simple goal that we can all aim to achieve throughout the week that will make us healthier + happy people 🙂 My thought is that Sunday nights are a great time to set goals for the week + renew. If you ever have any suggestions for goals/challenges, please do let me know!

Your challenge this week – should you choose to accept it – is to incorporate a fruit or vegetable into every meal this week. I know it can be difficult, but if we are cognizant of trying to up the F&V consumption, there is a much higher chance of it happening!

Have a wonderful & relaxing rest of your Sunday night 🙂




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