And so patio season begins…

Is that overly ambitious? As soon as the sun is shining & the temperature hits above 15 degrees, I’m convinced that it’s here to stay & that summer is just around the corner. I’ve been fooled before, though, my friends. TODAY, however, I actually had the pleasure of having a delicious brunch with some friends ON A PATIO. Yep, today marked the official start of patio season for me 🙂 Ahhh spring.

Anyway, let’s rewind a little and not get too ahead of ourselves 😉

Friday night I went out with my girlfriends for dinner. Uhh it was SO nice to a) see my friends; b) have good food + wine (+ a complimentary round of shots!); and c) feel like I had a full night & still make it home by midnight! Hahah yep.. that’s my inner granny making an appearance.  We were able to get an amazing discount as my one of my friends that was in attendance actually works at the restaurant part-time. Score! Nothing beats girls nights! I didn’t take any pictures unfortunately because the resturant is like a dark hole/cave (in a good way ;)) & I’m pretty sure flash photography would alarm the entire restaurant. I wasn’t up for causing a stir! I did have a yummy sweet ‘n’ sour salmon with veggies + about half my weight in delicious fresh-from-the-oven bread. Duncan & I never buy white bread/dinner rolls.. but they are truly amazing & might start making an appearance every so often ;).


Saturday, I got up pretty early, squeezed in a workout & then went on a walking adventure with Duncan. Some eats:

Banana waffle spread with PB + flax with blackberries.


Turkey sandwich with roasted sweet ‘taters


Saturday night, our friends Jamie & Fotini came to visit us and then we headed out for Indian food at Mount Everest. Not only was it great to catch up with them, but the food was so phenomenal. So much so that I seriously over-estimated my stomach’s abilities & piled food waaayyy too high on my plate. Luckily, Jamie was a hungry monster & was able to take over!


MMMMMMM. I had never tried Indian food until Duncan’s parents introduced me a few years ago. Since then, I’ve been hooked! It’s so indulgent and tasty :).. but I must admit that my stomach does NOT like me the next day.

After dinner, we headed out for another friend’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENDAN! We went to a ddddiiiiiiiiiiivvvvveee bar (emphasizing how “dive-y” it really was). It was a great time! I get such joy out of seeing boys reunited & joking around together. What a handsome bunch ;)!



I woke up bright & early this morning as a friend & I were planning on going to try out Reebok’s “Jukari Fit to Fly”. Unfortunately, the class was full & so we weren’t able to fulfill our acrobatic dreams today, but registered for a class a few weeks from now 🙂

Instead, I did an eliptical workout from the ToneItUp! girls. I rarely get in more than 30 minutes in a cardio sesh, so it was nice to have a long one for a change. Plus, I think it may have made a dent in the Indian food + many beers from the night before. Anyway, the “Wind Engine Rever” goes a little like this:

5 minute warm-up

2 minutes @ level 7, then 2 minutes @ level 4. Repeat for a total of 10x through.

Cool down

TOTAL TIME = 50 minutes

This workout could be done on any cardio machine, but my shin splints are still hurting & I’m not a big fan of the bike, so I opted for the elliptical.

After the gym, we went out for brunch & took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather in Toronto today. Duncan & I rode bikes to meet Kerry & Alex at the restaurant and were so pumped to be able to score a table out on the patio in the sun!

The food was UNREAL. Check it:

Banana, pineapple, mango + papaya in lime yogurt & maple granola


Blueberry + blackberry buttermilk pancakes


Duncan & I split the two gems above. I love that we have such similar taste in food & are able to coordinate our orders to get the best of the menu! MM MM good.


The rest of the day was spent doing a few errands, including a trip to Whole Foods with our Living Social Deal (we can’t actually afford to shop there full time, geeeeeez). We purchased a deal online a few months ago.. for $10 get $20 worth of groceries .. and so we fully took advantage of that!

Hope you all had a great weekend! 🙂




  • What kind of international cuisine do you like?
  • Does anyone have a favourite brand of waffles? We are out & I’m on the market for something new!

3 thoughts on “And so patio season begins…

  1. hahaha i loove the emphasis of DIVE bar.. its so true!
    but it was a ghreat night with your and hearing the guys funny stories! catchup ahain SOOON XO
    ps. all the food looks amazing! yummm

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