Weekend/Race Recap


But first, I’ll tell you that the housewarming party for my friend, Kelly, was great. It was so nice to see everyone & to meet her new roommate (all the way from Spain!). She had a mix of friends from university & then us, the old-time friends from elementary school up to high school. I feel so lucky to have such an INCREDIBLE group of friends. We’ve stuck together for eons & have had the very best of times together. Nothing beats old friends. I love them like cray cray!!!!

Sangria was also free-flowing, which is always a good thing, although I didn’t have much because of the race the next morning!

IMG_2238kelly's housewarming



Race morning, I awoke feeling like poop. I didn’t sleep well the night before (got home too late & kept waking up during the night subconsciously worried about missing my early wake up call). I also made a (rookie) mistake of not leaving myself enough time in the morning to get ready. I had a pint of water first thing & then had toast with peanut butter, a banana, cereal + OJ (talk about carb-heavy!). I ended up being SO rushed to make it to the race on time. When I finally arrived, there was just a few minutes before the gun went off. I quickly got into my corral & then waited with anticipation. I made a KILLER playlist on Saturday & was so so happy that I did. I listened to lots of Drake, Jay-Z & the like, because it makes me feel hard core.

I must say that the Yonge Street 10k did an AWESOME job of organizing the corrals. Usually at races, I find it so frustrating doing the 0.5k walk before the starting line & then spending time trying to dodge around people at the beginning when it seems so crowded. This time around, it was no funny business & corrals crossed the starting line 4-6 minutes apart, meaning it was WAY less crowded than other runs I’ve participated in.

Okay so, I felt amazing the whole race. I kid you not. I have never felt so good on a run as I did yesterday (totally unexpected, too!). I was planning on doing 15 minutes of running then taking a one-minute walking break, but I was feeling fantastic & just powered through (with the exception of two quick Gatorade sips at the 4 & 7k marks). Going into the race, I was hoping for anything under 1:00. When I passed the 1:00 pace bunny, I was feeling pretty pleased & I’m happy to say that I came out with…..52:38!!! I was SOO happy crossing that finish line & beamed for the whole rest of the day 🙂

Between the energy of the spectators (highlight posters included “You’ve got stamina, call me” & “Only 4k to go.. that’s nothing compared to child birth. Go Mommy!” – held by a man with adorable baby in hand), the positive energy of the participants & the pure adrenaline rush, I think I’m officially addicted to road races. I’ve done a few 5ks & an 8k in the past and also enjoyed them, but this topped all the others. Now, onto the next one 😉


Following the race, I came home & talked Duncan’s ear off about how excited I was for about an hour. Poor guy hahah. Then we made an amazing egg quesadilla. In the mix – three scrambled eggs, asparagus, spinach, orange pepper, salsa + shredded cheddar cheese (only on my side because the BF doesn’t like cheese. Weird, I know). Served in a multigrain tortilla alongside berries 🙂

Other post-race snacks included a disgusting amount of cookies (including some made by Duncan’s mom!) & chocolate.



After doing some g-shopping, we went to see our parentals & have a nice Sunday night dinner with them! I hadn’t been home in a few weeks (my parents were on vacation) & was so happy to see them, but also my little bundle of joy…

Meet Tobie (“the TOE”), a 6.5-pound ball of feistiness & love.



Though you can’t see them for her crazy locks, she does actually have eyes. She’s kinda obsessed with her tennis ball. As you can see, she’s so fixated on it & couldn’t even look at the camera ;).

It was so great to catch up with my parents & hear about their trip. Of course, a home cooked meal by Mommy is always a good thing (+ free food- yayyy!)



A great Sunday! Hope you all had a relaxing & enjoyable weekend and are easing into the week okay! Monday’s can be rough…


  • What are your favourite pre – & post – race snacks?
  • For any readers in Toronto, any road races planned in your future?

Good night dollies!




4 thoughts on “Weekend/Race Recap

  1. Congrats! I love runners high 🙂 Pre-run/race I always eat PB&toast with a sliced banana. Post race – chocolate milk, Starbucks and another banana until I can get carbs in me – pancakes are my favorite 🙂

  2. Congratulations!! What an accomplishment 🙂 I love the signs people were holding up – haha.

    Tobie is such a little cutie.

    I think I ate some toast and eggs before my last (and only) 5k. And after that I remember eating whatever I wanted! LOL.

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