Nothing beats it…

Beats what, you ask? Brunch. I would be so content eating brunch as my every meal, every single day. A little obsessed? Possibly.

Today I awoke way earlier than I was hoping for. On the plus side, I was somewhat productive this morning & was able to squeeze more into the day! Breakfast #1 was another fantastic smoothie. In the mix this morning: orange juice, frozen mixed berries, banana, HolyCrap!, flax, vanilla Greek yogurt + almond butter. Next time, I think I would stick with regular yogurt & forego the Greek. Does anyone else find that Greek yogurt can kinda taste funky in smoothies?


The smoothie was chased by some Cream of Earl Grey a la David’s Tea (another one of my obsessions). Anyone else out there love David’s? They have a ridiculous variety of flavours & I love that it’s all loose leaf. That said, in my mind it always seems like so much more of a mission to craft (ha!) loose leaf tea during the week, so I save it for a weekend treat. Weird? David’s just came out with a new spring line & there are a few that I am pining to try – strawberry ginger, jolly jellybean, daydreamer & pink flamingo all sound pretty fantastic.

After some lazing around with the boy, I decided to do a 20-minute Pilates class using trusty YouTube. The video itself was only okay, but the Fitness Blender channel is really amazing. They’ve got 219 free workout videos in a range of different lengths (5 min – 40 min) & with focuses on everything under the sun – Pilates, circuit workouts, plyometrics, targeted by body area, etc. If you’re looking for quick & convenient workouts to try at home, I really recommend checking it out here.

After bumming around for a while more & getting ready for the day, Duncan & I went out for breakfast #2. We went to an adorable cafe & sat in the psuedo-outdoors (sheltered & heated patio heheh).


PS – I actually did take that picture of the cafe above, despite it looking totally professional & off a website 😉



Deeeee-lish! Greek yogurt with cinnamon granola, honey, berries, caramelized bananas (the best part – I need to figure out how to do this at home!), goji, + ginger. So so good. I shared this with Duncan’s order of steel-cut oats with cranberries + apricots.

After our brunch, we walked around the city for a bit, all while I froze my butt off. It’s so cloudy & chilly today. I’m so not down for this weather on the weekends! Shouldn’t mother N know that it can ONLY be sunny & beautiful on the weekends? 😉

On our adventure today we went to a really cool art & craft show at a church. There were a ton of artists who had individual booths set up. We loved looking at all the awesome work these people produced – really funky greeting cards, buttons, prints, etc. Ooooh if only I was born with the creative/artistic gene.

On tonight’s agenda is one of my best friends’ housewarming party (hi Kelly!). She recently moved into a really cool neighbourhood in the city – cause for celebration if you ask me! Sadly, it won’t be a very long night for me as I have to be up bright & early for the 10k race tomorrow morn’.

Hope you’re having a great Saturday!




3 thoughts on “Nothing beats it…

  1. I too find Greek yogurt a bit yucky in smoothies. I’m not a big fan of it in general, but it makes smoothies taste bad 😦

    Good luck with your 10k!

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