Teehee .. I thought that would catch your attention ;). HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope your weekend is off to a lovely start.

Breakfast this morning was mmm mm delish. I think my camera skills are improving a bit, too! Whaddya think?

Vanilla Greek yogurt with HolyCrap!, granola, + mixed berries


As you’ve probably figured, my blog post title isn’t completely random. I do want to chat about HolyCrap! because I’ve had a few questions from people wondering what the heck it is. It is a slightly intriguing name, after all. HolyCrap! is my favourite health foods product on the market (note: HolyCrap! has not asked me to write this review nor do they have any knowledge of it. These are strictly my opinions). It’s a combination of the following glorious ingredients: organic chia, organic hulled hemp hearts, organic buckwheat, organic cranberries, organic raisins, organic apple bits, and organic cinnamon. It delivers a dose of healthy fats, fibre (16% DV for just two tablespoons!), protein + iron. It’s vegan, gluten & nut-free, has no added sugars and is ridiculously easy to use! All it comes down to is a little sprinkle action on top of yogurt, oatmeal or added into smoothies! I usually use just about 1 tbsp. I will say, though, that this product is on the expensive side. A 225g bag sells for between $11-14, albeit it does last a LONG time. I use HolyCrap! probably once a day & it usually sticks around for a few months ;). A worthwhile investment, if you ask me!

Fun fact: HolyCrap! actually came to be from an investment on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. A couple from B.C.  (love supporting fellow Canadians!) founded HapiFood Inc. & now produce HolyCrap! and another similar product, Skinny-B.

Other eats from the day included:

Turkey, arugula, Swiss + cranberry sandwich on light rye


My favourite dark chocolate bar. I went a little overboard today… ahh well, it’s Friday! 🙂


I wasn’t anticipating making dinner tonight, so hadn’t really mentally prepared for the task. Thankfully I had a few good ingredients on hand & was able to whip together a yummy veggie-bean quesadilla in about 20-minutes. (Side note – whenever I think/say/type the word “quesadilla” I think of “armadilla” .. it’s from some red-neck character in a comedy movie but I can’t remember which one. Help?).

Anyway –



Veggie-Bean Quesadillas

-Time: 20 minutes flat!


  • Sliced bell pepper
  • Black beans
  • Frozen corn
  • Whatever other veggies you would like! (I used some frozen ones I had on hand, which included zucchini, roasted red pepper, + onion)
  • Salsa
  • Shredded cheese
  • Tortilla


  1. Slice/prep. veggies + toss onto skillet with olive oil
  2. Sauté on medium-high heat for 5-10 minutes (depending on which vegetables you use)
  3. Add black beans + a few scoops of salsa … sauté for 2-3 more minutes
  4. Scoop bean + veggie mix onto one half/side of a whole-grain tortilla, then sprinkle shredded cheese over top
  5. Fold over the tortilla + place on Panini press. Grill for 2-3 minutes, or until cheese starts to get gooey.
  6. That’s it! You’re done – enjoy!

*Sigh* I love easy, healthy, delicious dinners like that. They make me feel so proud of myself hahah.

Today, I went to pick up my race kit for the Yonge Street 10k this coming Sunday. On my way, I spotted some beautiful tulips, which further affirmed that spring really has sprung! YAYYYY! 🙂


The race expo itself was actually pretty lame. It was much smaller than other ones I’ve been to. The worst part? With the exception of that nasty, bruised banana, my goodie bag included NO free food 😦 Am I a complete diva for being upset by this? Hahahah. Other runs I’ve participated in in the past have always had some kind of power bar or juice box or sommmmmeeeettttthing. C’maaaan people!


Anyway, the best part of the expo was getting to meet someone from Team in Training (TIT). He was super friendly & let me know exactly how the whole program works. Basically, you work with a group of other runners to fundraise for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, all while training for an upcoming run (which you participate in as a team). TIT (heheh – I’m immature) has a whole network of coacheswho guide training programs and work with groups as they ramp up for various races. There are minimum fundraising amounts for each different run & once a runner reaches the set minimum, he or she is able to participate in the run & get their transportation to & from the race paid for (most runs are in the U.S. or even international!). Neat huh? I like the idea of not only fundraising, but also running as a team.

After work today, I hit the gym for an interval incline session on the elliptical. My shin splints are still bugging me a bit, so I decided to refrain from running & rest up for Sunday’s race! The workout today went a little like this –


Time (Minutes)

Level (Resistance)

0-1 1
1-2 2
2-4 1
4-5 3
5-7 1
7-8 4
8-10 1
10-11 5
11-13 1
13-14 6
14-16 1
16-17 7
17-19 1
19-20 8
20-22 1
22-23 9
23-25 1
Distance – 5K

Following the cardio, I did a few conditioning moves & then finished up with a 5-minute stretch.

Now, it’s time to rellaaaxxx & enjoy the first taste of the weekend! Good night, dolls!




  • Any fun plans for the weekend?
  • Have you ever tried HolyCrap! Or do you use any other kind of hemp/chia/buckwheat mix?

3 thoughts on “HolyCrap!

  1. My mom loves HolyCrap! too. I’m looking forward to trying it. I think the company is on Seashelt which is awesome – apparently they’ve gotten so big they have their own factory and lots of extra workers now. I love a good Canadian success story!

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