I heart leftovers

Happy Wednesday! We’re halfway through the week, people! The weekend is just around the corner!

Last night – date night – was a blast! Duncan and I headed to an amazing bar that serves a bajilllllion kinds of beer from all over the world. They even brew their own varieties! I had a German “Weiss” wheat beer.



Here I was thinking that the brand of beer was “Weiss.” Oh no. Not so. After Googling, I learned that “Weissbier, sometimes weißbier (“white beer”), also known as weizenbier (“wheat beer”), is a Bavarian beer in which a significant proportion of maltedbarley is replaced with malted wheat”. Inneresting, huh? Dunc & I will become serious beer connoisseurs after our Brussels Beer Tour in t-minus one month – can’t wait!

Date night is the best 🙂

For b-fast this morning, I had a tried & true fav – oatmeal with chopped apple, walnuts + flax


Lunch was leftovers from last night with a few snacks thrown in 😉


Note: the dweeb-a-liscious banana holder. This is one of my most proudest purchases… all for the price of $1 (thank you, Dollarama!)

I used to put together lunches every single morning & try for variety every day. I still do plan out a different lunch each day of the week, but have started taking leftovers as well. Basically, whenever I make dinner, I ask myself if the dish could be doubled & used for lunch the next day (stir fry & pasta are pretty conducive to this). This saves a LOT of time in the morning.. and saving time makes me a really happy girl 🙂

The work day was broken up with a lovely Starbucks drink + a chocolate croissant. I don’t make a habit of getting Starbucks very often, but when I do.. ooooh baby it’s such a treat! Not only am I on a budget, but I’m also aware of how sugary some of the drinks are. My favourites are chai tea lattes, early grey tea lattes + Tazo zen green tea. You don’t see coffee on this list ‘cause I seem to have adverse reactions every time I have it. I get reeeaalllllly out of it and basically can’t function. I do LOVE the taste, though!


After getting home from work, I tackled a 10k workout on the elliptical (~ 6.2 miles). Though I’m not going to run before Sunday’s race, I hope that doing other forms of cardio will at least help train me a bit (better than nothing, right?).

Duncan was at a work event tonight & then had a soccer game, so for dinner tonight I made something uber simple: pasta (whole-wheat, duh)! I added some of the leftover bell peppers +  black beans from last night’s fajitas to give the the dish some more fibre, protein + vitamins. I also added some frozen kale + spinach using Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers’ handy-dandy wilting trick!

Basically, her genius strategy is to put baby spinach at the bottom of a strainer & then when draining the pasta, pour the water OVER the greens. The spinach wilts perfectly & saves the extra step of sautéing.


One of these days – & as my blogging develops – I’d like to invest in an SLR camera so I can actually take nice food photography. Looking at some other bloggers’ photos has me a little envious & realizing how challenging it is to have great shots with a point + shoot. Just sayin’.

What are your go-to, easy/lazy dinner recipes? Any fun plans for tonight?

I’m off to finish watching “Friends with Benefits” and witness Justin Timberlake’s Oscar-worthy performance 😉



PS – One of my best friends let me know today that, in an attempt to get to my blog, she went to sweatforsweets.com and had an awkward moment. Apparently, there’s a little adult action going on there. Clearly my head was not in the gutter when coming up with my blog name & didn’t think about how it could be interpreted. Hahahah anyway, word to the wise: subscribe to my blog to avoid mixing the two up ;). Thanks for the tip, Al!


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