Sunday Planning

Hey friends! Welcome to my blog, Sweat for Sweets. This marks the inaugural post and I’m SO pumped about that. I’m so happy to be finally getting this blog off the ground! Woo hoo!

Okay, sooo here’s the deal. Every Sunday I’m going to be posting my meal and workout plans for the week! I’m a big believer in planning both out before Monday morning as I find it really helps me to stay on track with my fitness and healthy eating goals. These aren’t set in stone and there is a lot of flexibility for sure, but at least when I make these meal plans, I can guarantee that I buy healthy goodies at the grocery store and have them available for me throughout the week! I pack lunches for me + the BF most mornings (we’ll eat out with our respective colleagues maybe once a week), so find this planning helps so I’m not running around like a sleepy mad woman every morning wondering what the hay to put together! I should also mention that I sneak in at least one square (or more!) of dark chocolate (see, I really do have a chocolate obsession). I also tend to NOT plan out our weekend eats as we’re all over the place & often go out with friends, etc.

I find doing work out plans also forces me to schedule fitness into my life, just as I would any other important meeting or appointment. When I plan for these workouts, I can budget my time (work, social, chores, etc.) with scheduled fitness in mind!

Here goes —

Meals – Week of April 15, 2012


Dinner: white-wine chicken with roasted veggies (NEW recipe – I’ll let ya know how it goes ;))


Breakfast: smoothie with vanilla yogurt, frozen berries, flax meal + orange juice & handful of nuts on the side

Lunch: cheese & crackers; apple

Dinner: arugula salad with grilled salmon + sweet potato fries

Snacks: banana, diced watermelon

Treat: perhaps some left over Easter candy?!


Breakfast: whole-wheat toast topped with peanut butter, flax meal & sliced banana

Lunch: turkey sandwich on whole-wheat bread with cheese, arugula, tomato & honey mustard; Greek yogurt

Dinner: unplanned

Snacks: smoothie (blended in the morning + packed to bring to work), pear

Treat: ?


Breakfast: whole-wheat wheat thin topped with peanut butter, flax meal, sliced banana & a few itty bitty chocolate chips (how naughty!)

Lunch: turkey sandwich on rye bread with arugula + cranberry sauce

Dinner: Whole-wheat pasta with kale, cherry tomatoes + tomato sauce

Snacks: yogurt with berries, almonds & banana

Treat: ?


Breakfast: Yogurt with HolyCrap!, berries, + granola

Lunch: pear, arugula, walnut + Parmesan salad

Dinner: cashew-crusted salmon with corn (NEW recipe)

Snacks: banana with peanut butter, raw veggies dipped in salsa, crackers & cheese

Treat: ?


Breakfast: smoothie with frozen berries, HolyCrap!, flax meal, milk, + yogurt

Lunch: salad with arugula, spinach, shredded chicken, goat cheese, praline pecans, strawberries, blueberries + mandarin oranges

Dinner: no plans!

Snacks: yogurt + piece of fruit; Greek yogurt with honey, sliced almonds & sliced banana

Treat: ?

Workouts – Week of April 15, 2012

MONDAY – speed run (interval training) – 5k

TUESDAY – weight training (details to follow)

WEDNESDAY – distance run – 10k

THURSDAY – weight training (details to follow)

FRIDAY – hill run (intervals) – 5k

SATURDAY – 30-minutes of Pilates @ home

SUNDAY – Yonge Street 10k — my first 10k race!

Do you guys ever plan out meals/workouts?

That’s it for now! Hope your Sunday is going swimmingly :). Relax  and enjoy!




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